Registered Offenders

**Yes, I broke my Holiday-ish posts, Sorry!***G*


Five years ago our town had 8 registered sex offenders and now there are 22. I have been thinking a lot about this lately trying to figure it out. Are more people getting caught? I don’t really know but it would be nice to think so. Of course maybe it is that more are moving into the area, due to the low cost of living here. This makes the most sense.

  I have them all memorized, and yes, I  see them out and about occasionally. It is a good thing there is not 100, as that would be a real challenge. *G*

 Not to sound prejudice, just Aware!  I think what disturbs me the most is all the ones that have not been caught. The ‘closet offenders’.

Last night I was at a local convenience store with Dh and as soon as I got out of the van, I spotted this older man with a cane coming out of the store. He was parked right next to us, and was looking  at me in that way, really obvious.. I made eye contact with him, to not be perceived as uncomfortable, and he smiled.

He had to be in his 60’s!  He got into his old station-wagon and I assumed that he took off. Dh stayed in the van as I went to get some coffees for us. When I came out I noticed that he was still parked next to us, but did not make any eye contact with him.

It was not until I got into the van that my husband told me that he was eying me in that way the whole time I was in the store, along with when I came out. Then he pulled away..

Dh told me that he was certain that this guy was deliberately waiting for me to come back out so he could take a second look. It really felt icky, for lack of better word. This stuff makes me feel really gross.

The point to this little story is that, THESE are the type of men that I think are the most dangerous. I mean, what if I worked there and he was waiting for me to leave my shift?  Would he have kidnapped me, or tried to get me into his car? I don’t know.

These type of people are the smarter ones though. They are planners, thinkers,watchers, and just down right scary.  They totally make me feel unsafe!

That said—Getting back to our towns current Registered S*x offenders…There are:



3.2nd Degree RAPE—8 men



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