4 more days of 2010

I am a bit upset to see 2010 almost over. Not that it has been as good a year as others… but the way 2010 sounds and the way it looks.. There is order to it that I like, and for that, I am upset to see it go! *G* :o/

Will I be making any New Years Resolutions? Probably. I don’t really call them resolutions, more of goals.

I started thinking tonight of all the previous New Years Eves that I have celebrated. As a kid they were pretty much lined up with everyone elses..Watching the New York City Ball , and staying up till midnight. Now that I am an adult, my family has NYE parties each year.


When I turned 13, things started getting more exciting. I was not too impressed with staying home watching the ball anymore, so while my mother was at a NYE party, my brother and a bunch of his friends came over and asked me if I wanted to take a ride to the air port to watch all the planes land. I thought my mom was going to be out late, but to my surprise she came home early that night and noticed I was missing and called the police. I got home at 5am, and walked into a huge mess!  I will leave out all the horrid details..but it was one of the most memorable New Years Eves that I have. lol

—And if one of my own kids would ever pull something like that, I would have handled it the same way as my mom did! *fainting*


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