Twinlab B-12 Dots~Review

I just finished my Twinlab B-12 Dots. They lasted for a bit over 3 months. There was 3 days (twice) that I purposely did not take them to see if I felt sluggish, and I did. These are chewable tiny pink cherry flavored tabs that are actually quite sweet. I liked that there is no saccharin, or aspartame  in them.They run for a bit over five dollars so are very affordable for everyone.

B-12 is great for cell replication and is pretty well known for  treating depression,as it has beneficial effects on the nerves. They are also a must if you do not eat a whole lot of meat products.


MSG & Food Additives

I did a little health lesson with my kids on additives & food colorings found in foods that most of us consume each day, as well as our children. They not only effect our bodies, but our minds also.

Here is the worst of it…

 Red No. 3

Known as: Erythrosine

What it is: A food coloring found in only a few types of  products.

Where you can find it: Some Candy, cake icing, and chewing gum
Red No. 40-this is a very big one!

Known as: Allura red

What it is: A food coloring that is the most widely used food dye in the United States.

Where you can find it:  Frito-Lay products; Yoplait products; JELL-O Gelatin desserts; Quaker Instant Oatmeal; Trix; Froot-Loops; Apple Jacks; some Pop-Tart products; Kid Cuisine Kung Fu Panda products; Oscar Mayer Lunchables products; Hostess Twinkies; Pillsbury rolls and frostings; Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines frostings;  Edy’s ice creams and candies; Popsicle Sugar-Free Life Savers; M&M’s and Skittles candies; Nestle’s Butterfinger; Twizzlers Strawberry Candy; Sunkist Orange Soda; Dr. Pepper sodas; Propel Invigorating Water, Berry Citrus; Gatorade Orange Thirst Quencher; and Fanta Orange

Blue No. 1

Known as: Brilliant blue

What it is: A food coloring

Where you can find it: Frito-Lay Sun Chips French Onion and other Frito-Lay products;Yoplait products; JELL-O dessert products; Fruity Cheerios; Trix; Froot-Loops; Apple Jacks; Quaker Cap’N Crunch’s Crunch Berries; some Pop-Tarts products;Oscar Mayer Lunchables; Duncan Hines Whipped Frosting Chocolate; Edy’s ice cream products; Skittles candies; Jolly Ranchers Screaming Sours Soft; Chew Candy; Eclipse gum; Fanta Grape

Blue No. 2

Known as: Indigotine

What it is: A food coloring

Where you can find it: Froot-Loops; Post Fruity Pebbles; Pop-Tarts products; Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Strawberry Supreme Premium Cake Mix; Betty Crocker Frosting Rich; Creamy Cherry; M&M’s Milk Chocolate Candies; M&M’s Milk Chocolate Peanut Candies; Wonka Nerds Grape/Strawberry; pet foods

Yellow No. 5

Known as: Tartrazine

What it is: Yellow No. 5 is the only food dye that has been tested alone and not simply as part of a mix. Studies  link it to hyperactivity. It is the second most commonly used dye in the U.S.***THINK ADHD***

Where you can find it: Nabisco Cheese Nips Four Cheese; Frito-Lay Sun Chips Harvest Cheddar and other Frito-Lay products; Hunt’s Snack Pack Pudding products; Lucky Charms; Eggo waffles and other waffle products;  Pop-Tarts products;  Kraft macaroni and cheese products; Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper, Oscar Mayer Lunchables products; Hot Pockets Ham & Cheese; Hostess cup cakes; Betty Crocker frostings; M&M’s and Skittles products; Gatorade products

Yellow No. 6

Known as: Sunset yellow

What it is: The third most widely used food dye in the U.S.

Where you can find it: Frito-Lay Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Crunchy and other Frito-Lay products; Betty Crocker Fruit Roll-ups; some JELL-O gelatin desserts and instant puddings; Fruity Cheerios; Trix; some Eggo waffle products; some Kid Cuisine Kung Fu Panda products;Kraft macaroni and cheese dinners; Betty Crocker frostings; some M&M’s and Skittles candies; Sunkist Orange Soda; Fanta Orange
It is also worthy to note that in Europe, they place warning labels on foods that have these food additives in them. Not that it probably does much good, just look at the warning labels that we, here in the U.S,  place of Cigarettes & Alcohol. I still think it would be a great idea though. Give  kids a chance to know for themselves what they are eating each day. Most kids that I have talked with, and asked them about food coloring and food additives, are really clueless…It boils down to us, as parents, to keep our children healthy and not abuse them with all this unhealthy stuff that is harming their bodies at such a young age..

Sodium benzoate

What it is: A food preservative

Where you can find it: Fruit juice, carbonated beverages, and pickles. You’ll find it in abundance in acidic foods.

MSG (Mono-Sodium Glutamate)

What it does: takes the flavors of any food and enhances them to the maximum. When Lays says… “Betcha can’t eat just one”… They are not’t kidding, they mean it! With the amount of MSG in their chips, they know you will sit down and eat the whole bag. Same goes for Doritos,Cheetos and Fritos.. who the heck sits down, and eats just the serving size?

Side Effects: Migraines & Headaches, ADHD, Autism, Alzheimer’s,Obesity, and being addicted to the product!
“Other” names that are FDA approved… to allow companies to market MSG are:

Sodium glutamate
Autolyzed yeast
Calcium caseinate
Glutamic acid
Hydrolyzed corn gluten
Hydrolyzed protein (any protein that is hydrolyzed)
Monopotassium glutamate
Monosodium glutamate
Natrium glutamate
Sodium caseinate
Textured protein
Yeast food
Yeast extract
Yeast nutrient

In a nutshell…

It’s better to try to only eat things that actually grow. Minis(-) Mold of course! lol

 If your a meat eater, then stick with dehydrated meats to snack on. Fruits and Veggies can be super sweet, and I have found really hits the spot on most days. They can also be dehydrated and snacked on. I also buy the kids chips, but only organic ones which are really only a couple dollars more anyways.

Same goes for candy. I buy organic candy that is sweetened with pure fruit juice, and has no dyes in them. A couple times a year when we take them to parades, they do eat some regular candy.. and are totally jumping off the walls after-wards. Hence that these additives effect the brain!

Soda, they make soda with real unprossed sugar in it, and once again, it really is not that more expensive. You can also make your own which is really simple to do.

More on MSG-  More foods that have MSG in them.

Cosmetic Surgery Nay? or Yay?

I was talking to a friend recently that asked me if I’d ever get any cosmetic surgery. She was thinking about getting a face lift. Evidently, you can look ten years younger in the blink of an eye- with the way the procedures go nowadays. I replied.. “Maybe“, as I walked over to the mirror, thinking how delightful it may be, to look ten years younger. Then I woke up before vanity kicked into full swing! lol

Several years ago, I would have gasped at the near thought of ever altering my appearance. But the truth is, there are a couple things I would actually do if our insurance would cover it. I mean, we alter our appearance just by putting clothes on each day, let alone, make-up and styling products etc. So it all boils down to, Yes, I guess I would, I think!

Of course I have been known to pass out at the sight of a needle, and I whine like crazy when I get a paper cut, so I think I have a pretty low tolerance to pain… However, DH reminds me that I had all my children completely natural, without so much as a Tylenol…so maybe I am stronger then I think, or maybe it is just a mind over matter, as I can focus my mind elsewhere when need be!

What about you? Cosmetic Surgery Nay? or Yay?

South vrs' North

Wow, I think this winter season has showered us with more snow than any other year since I have lived down South. Yay! It’s really coming down right now, but is suppose to turn to ice by morning.

This has got me thinking of yet  another difference between the South & North, regarding the winter season. :o)

Comparing a Southern snowy season with a Northern one goes something like this…

Southern Snowy Season~

1. OMGosh, we may get up to 4 inches of snow, better go into town and fill up the gas tank..(not that I will be able to handle the roads without getting into an accident, or even plan to leave my house at all, but ya never know.)

2.Let me go into town and buy a dozen loaves of bread, 6 gallons of milk, and all the candles and batteries that the store has to offer before moving on to the NEXT store! Then head on home before the first inch hits the ground! Oh wait, I need to go get a few cases of Beer too, just in case..

3.Lets CANCEL school!  We may get an inch of snow and the kids will not know how to catch the bus, or walk to school with that inch being on the ground…Of course they will have no problem-spending the day sledding!  The irony.

4.Lets have the salt trucks on stand by… in the grocery store parking lots.

*And if I was a salt truck driver down South, and only getting 9 bucks an hour, I would sit there too!! *G*

 5.I have never been out in a snow storm down here and not witnessed at least one  accident.  :o( This is very scary  to me, and I think they should sell snow tires down here to limit these accidents. Or maybe offer free driving lessons in the snow? IDK

I am sure there are more, but I will just stick to these basics that have been on my mind, and NO, I am not making fun, just being observant. :o)

Northern Snowy Season~

1.OMGosh- it’s that time of the year again, we are expecting 3 feet of snow, do I have a gallon of milk and  a loaf of bread on hand? Yeah, I do, it is all good then..

2.Wow, we are getting 3 feet of snow, better make it a hafe day of school..(MAYBE)

3.The Plow trucks are already throwing salt & dirt on the ground BEFORE it starts snowing..Of course they are getting $75 bucks an hour, so they really do not mind how long it takes, or snows!

4. Accidents? Well, maybe some…Of course everyone is super prepared, with either all weather tires, or snow tires. (the whole expect the unexpected thing)

So there ya have it. I just wanted to share a post that I would have had on my old blog..From North to South..Sometimes I really miss my old blog, but got tired of rearing up all the Southern folks! :o)~ Well, not too tired! he-he! J/K

UPDATE: Just came from the grocery store to stock up on bananas and not one single banana at the store!! Not only that, but not one gallon of milk!!! Wow!! And yep, the salt trucks were waiting to go out.

Fun Stuff!

Got to love these old pics!

 I caught a sale at Starbucks for their Christmas Blend coffee which was 1/2 off! I should have bought them all, but only got one bag, and now it’s almost gone already. It has a spicy/sweet taste which is so yummy!

Next, I hit a sale at the grocery store that had 1/2 off all their coconut Palm natural candles. They burn very clean and are much better for the environment then paraffin & additives.  Naturally, I got the Kono Coffee Latte one. It is swirled and so pretty to look at. The picture did not come out, but I assure you it smells so delish!

I then treated myself to a coffee bath bomb. If you have never tried a bath bomb, you should! They are Amazing. They also have one called Cinders which is so much fun. It actually crackles and pops in the bath, and then releases glitter and confetti!! It’s really neat if your into that sort of thing.

Coffee Bath Bomb!

Cinders Bath Bomb!

Why do I have thousands of coffee filters?

Am I using them as bowls?

Am I working on a dress for one of my daughters?

Do I never want my kids to be bored?

Do I decorate with them?

Am I using them to clean?

Am I making face masks with them?

Am I designing stylish hats?

Did I cover my tree this year with homemade coffee filter angels?

No, they are not to make coffee..Well, some are obvisouly, but not all of them..Anyone know why I would need so many?

Moths and Mice take 2

Well, mice take two anyways. This is so discusting I do not even know where to began.

I found mouse droppings on my bed today!! I mean, How? Why?

And no, I am not one who only changes the bedding once a month. I change it every week, sometimes twice a week. I wash all the pillows, blankets, and I am really the cleanest person that I know.  There is no reason for mouse droppings to be on my bed! Yuck!

I am still trying to figure out how this happened. I may have to oil all the sides of the bed to keep them from climbing up. Either that, or  it is possible that one of my kids was playing with a toy or something that had some droppings on it. Still super gross!

 Regardless, I am feeling over whelmed by the thought of having to  be battling these mice, and believe me, it is a battle! In fact, I may even call it WAR!  I have traps everywhere, and don’t know what else to do. Someone told me  the other day to buy rat poison, which I suppose is worth a shot, but from what I have read, they eat the poison, then go and die, and if they die in one of the walls and that will just freak me out even more. They carry so many germs!

…I use to have a black widow spider problem and I thought that was bad, but nothing beats the torture of these mice running rampid though my sparkling clean house!

What else?

MOTHS! Who the heck has moth problems? I have no clue what happen, but all of the sudden, I am swatting at moths 24/7. They are everywhere, and they are so tiny. My daughter had a dress on the other day and she showed me all these tiny holes all over it and asked me if the washing machine did it. I told her that if it is cotton, it is the moths on their feeding rage.

With all the cotton and clothes in my house I suppose they can live happily for the next decade. I wonder what is the life span of a moth? I’ll have to check because we have had them for the past six weeks and unless they are breeding, which I haven’t seen any cocoons anywhere, then they are just  enjoying their time here, and in it for the long haul.

Yes, I have heard of moth balls. Just a few days ago in fact, as I have never heard of them before that. I here they smell really bad so I don’t know, and how exactly do they work anyways..something I need to find out.

So if anyone has any sure fire ways to get rid of mice & moths..I am open to hear it..

Time Heals All Wounds


My book/story  is still  featured on Vyckie Garrisons Site. It is the second story down on the right hand side.  I am still getting people asking me about it. Yes, it is still here. I just checked. It is ten chapters and on the right hand corner, called Time Heals All Wounds It was written back in 2007. Enjoy!