Random things I have learned in 2010

Random things I have learned in 2010

1.It doesn’t matter how old you are, some people will always treat you as though your ten.

2.The don’t ask, don’t tell policy is totally bogus.

3.Don’t wash the windows at midnight because chances are-you will be washing them with something other then Windex and will have to repeat the whole process 3x come morning.

4.You will NEVER be able to please everyone no matter how hard you try. Does this mean you should stop trying though? IDK!

5.Some people will never except the ‘real’ you, so sometimes you have to fake it, till you make it I guess.

6.There are two sides to every person in the world! Who knew? 

7.I have way too many blond moments, and I’m not even a blond.

8.I am fine with who I am, and wish people would stop trying to get me to change.

9.I submit and stay quiet when my mother reams me out. It’s all about Peace!

10.My dad is never going to change, but I love him for who he is, even if no one else ever will.

11.I still have no clue why I am being shunned by my only sibling.

12.The Lord places friends in your life to fill the gaps that run 8 feet deep.<3

13.You can still respect people that you don’t like. In fact, you can even Love people that you don’t like.

14.You can instantly love people that you never knew you were capable of loving.

15.The choices you make do not have to effect the rest of your life. Why do people lie about that still?

16.Going with the flow…I now get what that means!

17.I am so much more then who I thought I was.

18.I am NOT a farmer wife.. and am so tired of trying to be something that I am not!

19.I don’t hate animals, but don’t really like them either.

20. I’d rather have more kids then animals, but do understand why some would rather have  more animals then kids.

21.Matthew 11:30–means something real to me now!

22.1 Corinthians 13–was the part of the bible that I identified with most in 2010

 23.Bad things happen to good people, just as much as good things happen to bad people. And it is not some sort of curse or anything crazy like that!

24.I didn’t miss my life back home this past year, as much as I did last year 2009.

25.This Apirl 2011 will mark 6 years since I have been down South, and I think I may be OK! Deep breath! *G*

~ I am sure there is much more that I learned this past year but this is all I want to share! :o)~


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