Moths and Mice take 2

Well, mice take two anyways. This is so discusting I do not even know where to began.

I found mouse droppings on my bed today!! I mean, How? Why?

And no, I am not one who only changes the bedding once a month. I change it every week, sometimes twice a week. I wash all the pillows, blankets, and I am really the cleanest person that I know.  There is no reason for mouse droppings to be on my bed! Yuck!

I am still trying to figure out how this happened. I may have to oil all the sides of the bed to keep them from climbing up. Either that, or  it is possible that one of my kids was playing with a toy or something that had some droppings on it. Still super gross!

 Regardless, I am feeling over whelmed by the thought of having to  be battling these mice, and believe me, it is a battle! In fact, I may even call it WAR!  I have traps everywhere, and don’t know what else to do. Someone told me  the other day to buy rat poison, which I suppose is worth a shot, but from what I have read, they eat the poison, then go and die, and if they die in one of the walls and that will just freak me out even more. They carry so many germs!

…I use to have a black widow spider problem and I thought that was bad, but nothing beats the torture of these mice running rampid though my sparkling clean house!

What else?

MOTHS! Who the heck has moth problems? I have no clue what happen, but all of the sudden, I am swatting at moths 24/7. They are everywhere, and they are so tiny. My daughter had a dress on the other day and she showed me all these tiny holes all over it and asked me if the washing machine did it. I told her that if it is cotton, it is the moths on their feeding rage.

With all the cotton and clothes in my house I suppose they can live happily for the next decade. I wonder what is the life span of a moth? I’ll have to check because we have had them for the past six weeks and unless they are breeding, which I haven’t seen any cocoons anywhere, then they are just  enjoying their time here, and in it for the long haul.

Yes, I have heard of moth balls. Just a few days ago in fact, as I have never heard of them before that. I here they smell really bad so I don’t know, and how exactly do they work anyways..something I need to find out.

So if anyone has any sure fire ways to get rid of mice & moths..I am open to hear it..

3 thoughts on “Moths and Mice take 2

  1. I mostly had a moth problem when I had pet birds. Apparently the bird food I was giving them had moth eggs(?) or something and they would hatch. I’ve also heard it’s good to put stuff in the freezer to kill any potential moth eggs from hatching for instance my bird seed, flour, boxed foods, etc. Mice-usually the cats take care of them if not then the snap type mouth traps usually do the trick.


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