Why do I have thousands of coffee filters?

Am I using them as bowls?

Am I working on a dress for one of my daughters?

Do I never want my kids to be bored?

Do I decorate with them?

Am I using them to clean?

Am I making face masks with them?

Am I designing stylish hats?

Did I cover my tree this year with homemade coffee filter angels?

No, they are not to make coffee..Well, some are obvisouly, but not all of them..Anyone know why I would need so many?

5 thoughts on “Why do I have thousands of coffee filters?

  1. Oh yeah,that tea, but no, I use a tea towel for that.
    And yep, brewing some coffee right now! But seriously, besides coffee, what do I love? Cleaning!
    I clean the windows, mirrors, spills etc. with them. They’re lint free and really are the best chpice for cleaning and polishing stuff..Dorky, but gets the job done! :o)


  2. Might have to grab one next time I do windows. I have to just wipe wipe wipe. Hubby’s aunt used to send down some lint free clothes from the GMC factory paint shop, but she has retired since then…and well, I ran out!


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