Fun Stuff!

Got to love these old pics!

 I caught a sale at Starbucks for their Christmas Blend coffee which was 1/2 off! I should have bought them all, but only got one bag, and now it’s almost gone already. It has a spicy/sweet taste which is so yummy!

Next, I hit a sale at the grocery store that had 1/2 off all their coconut Palm natural candles. They burn very clean and are much better for the environment then paraffin & additives.  Naturally, I got the Kono Coffee Latte one. It is swirled and so pretty to look at. The picture did not come out, but I assure you it smells so delish!

I then treated myself to a coffee bath bomb. If you have never tried a bath bomb, you should! They are Amazing. They also have one called Cinders which is so much fun. It actually crackles and pops in the bath, and then releases glitter and confetti!! It’s really neat if your into that sort of thing.

Coffee Bath Bomb!

Cinders Bath Bomb!

One thought on “Fun Stuff!

  1. Yeah, There are very few Bathtubs big enough for me so i don’t use them very often, that being said i DON’T do glitter… well, there was that one summer i needed to make money, but no power on earth will drag that particular story out of me 😉


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