South vrs' North

Wow, I think this winter season has showered us with more snow than any other year since I have lived down South. Yay! It’s really coming down right now, but is suppose to turn to ice by morning.

This has got me thinking of yet  another difference between the South & North, regarding the winter season. :o)

Comparing a Southern snowy season with a Northern one goes something like this…

Southern Snowy Season~

1. OMGosh, we may get up to 4 inches of snow, better go into town and fill up the gas tank..(not that I will be able to handle the roads without getting into an accident, or even plan to leave my house at all, but ya never know.)

2.Let me go into town and buy a dozen loaves of bread, 6 gallons of milk, and all the candles and batteries that the store has to offer before moving on to the NEXT store! Then head on home before the first inch hits the ground! Oh wait, I need to go get a few cases of Beer too, just in case..

3.Lets CANCEL school!  We may get an inch of snow and the kids will not know how to catch the bus, or walk to school with that inch being on the ground…Of course they will have no problem-spending the day sledding!  The irony.

4.Lets have the salt trucks on stand by… in the grocery store parking lots.

*And if I was a salt truck driver down South, and only getting 9 bucks an hour, I would sit there too!! *G*

 5.I have never been out in a snow storm down here and not witnessed at least one  accident.  :o( This is very scary  to me, and I think they should sell snow tires down here to limit these accidents. Or maybe offer free driving lessons in the snow? IDK

I am sure there are more, but I will just stick to these basics that have been on my mind, and NO, I am not making fun, just being observant. :o)

Northern Snowy Season~

1.OMGosh- it’s that time of the year again, we are expecting 3 feet of snow, do I have a gallon of milk and  a loaf of bread on hand? Yeah, I do, it is all good then..

2.Wow, we are getting 3 feet of snow, better make it a hafe day of school..(MAYBE)

3.The Plow trucks are already throwing salt & dirt on the ground BEFORE it starts snowing..Of course they are getting $75 bucks an hour, so they really do not mind how long it takes, or snows!

4. Accidents? Well, maybe some…Of course everyone is super prepared, with either all weather tires, or snow tires. (the whole expect the unexpected thing)

So there ya have it. I just wanted to share a post that I would have had on my old blog..From North to South..Sometimes I really miss my old blog, but got tired of rearing up all the Southern folks! :o)~ Well, not too tired! he-he! J/K

UPDATE: Just came from the grocery store to stock up on bananas and not one single banana at the store!! Not only that, but not one gallon of milk!!! Wow!! And yep, the salt trucks were waiting to go out.


4 thoughts on “South vrs' North

  1. actually the biggest problem is HOW it snows down here, up North it is simple, it snows… snow lands on the cold ground and sticks, more snow piles up on top and you get nothing but three feet of white stuff.

    in the south it snows… Snow lands on the slightly warmer earth and melts, more snow lands on the water and sticks, more snow lands on top of that, the water on the bottom freezes leaving a thin sheet of ice under a half an inch of snow.

    every year i have hear people from up north comment on how bad we must be to not know how to drive in an inch of snow, and every year i see cars from New York, Illinois, Ohio and Massachusetts in the ditch by the side of the road.


  2. Intresting-I will have to start checking out the license I find that very hard to believe. *G* Of course it could very well be the ‘lack of’ preparation down here. No salt or dirt on the roads BEFORE it starts.


  3. Justn’s right. A lot of the difference is in the way the snow falls. We get a bit of both kinds where I am. I don’t know what the salt truck drivers make an hour but they spray the highways every Friday from Dec 1 to April 1–or it seems like it and spread sand (or a combination salt/sand) on all snow covered pavement in and out of town. And, until the roads are clear, they’re spreading and pushing. Most of the wrecks around here are from driving too fast on basically solid ice because once a vehicle breaks the snow, it’s packed to ice. Then there are the show-offs who want to show they can do donuts in the middle of the road and keep control…In any case, the first warm day, everyone goes to the car wash to keep their vehicles from rusting away from all the salt and sand.


  4. I’m sure he’s right too E, I was just giving him a hard time cause he’s a Southerner. :o)

    And yes, the car washes are always packed the first warm day up North, and here down South.


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