Cosmetic Surgery Nay? or Yay?

I was talking to a friend recently that asked me if I’d ever get any cosmetic surgery. She was thinking about getting a face lift. Evidently, you can look ten years younger in the blink of an eye- with the way the procedures go nowadays. I replied.. “Maybe“, as I walked over to the mirror, thinking how delightful it may be, to look ten years younger. Then I woke up before vanity kicked into full swing! lol

Several years ago, I would have gasped at the near thought of ever altering my appearance. But the truth is, there are a couple things I would actually do if our insurance would cover it. I mean, we alter our appearance just by putting clothes on each day, let alone, make-up and styling products etc. So it all boils down to, Yes, I guess I would, I think!

Of course I have been known to pass out at the sight of a needle, and I whine like crazy when I get a paper cut, so I think I have a pretty low tolerance to pain… However, DH reminds me that I had all my children completely natural, without so much as a Tylenol…so maybe I am stronger then I think, or maybe it is just a mind over matter, as I can focus my mind elsewhere when need be!

What about you? Cosmetic Surgery Nay? or Yay?


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