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EOS Lip Balm Review

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•Long-lasting moisture
•Shea butter & vitamin E
•Smoothes on clear
•New smooth sphere precisely glides on to lips
•Twist-off top

 95% organic, 100% natural, Packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil, eos keeps your lips moist, soft and sensationally smooth.

 ~I have been obsessed with lip balms for as long as I can remember. I probably have  about 2 dozen currently. This one has been my favorite by far!  There are no parabens, mineral oil or  Petrolatum (vasoline) in them, which really places them above many other lip products that use all these ‘less then healthy’ fillers. The lemon one(yellow one) has SPF in it too. The container is water proof, and  egg-like, so can easily be found in your purse or bag. They run for  $2.99 each. Very Cheap.

They come in Lemon, Mint, Berry and Honey-Dew.






Some people are only your friend for the things that they can receive from you.

If your sympathetic, they will seek you out for sympathy.

It you are giving materialistically, they will seek you out for gifts.

If you are a good listener, they will seek you out to be their personal confidaunt and so on..

Where should the line be though? And, should there even be a line? Is it really that black and white?

What if the person who has always been sympathetic, gets tired?

What if the friend who’s showering everyone with gifts, starts to feel used?

What if the good listener gets worn-out,  listening to everyone elses’ problems?

As in any relationship..we need to have Patience with people, especially our friends and loved ones. Patience in itself, is long-suffering at times but has its rewards. Being loving, carring and gentle with people is the key to successful friendships and relationships.

Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy.
Love is never boastful, nor conceited, nor rude;
It is not self-seeking, nor easily angered.
It keeps no record of wrongdoing.
It does not delight in evil,
But rejoices in the truth.
It always protects, trusts, hopes, and preserves.
There is nothing love cannot face;
There is no limit to its faith, hope, and endurance.
In a word, there are three things that last forever:
Faith, hope, and love;
But the greatest of them all is love.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7


Keep in mind that not every friendship we make, is going to be one of those deep, indulging, larger then life friendships. If they were, then we would never have any time to just be, breath, or even have life outside of them.

I love the quote:

~Friends are like a rainbow; they come and go, but while they are here, they bring much beauty and color into your life.~

It’s so true!

You’ll meet people by divine accident. You’ll meet people through family & other friends. You’ll meet people at work & school. You’ll meet people out walking. You’ll meet people by praying, and You’ll  even meet people online….

Imagine how many people you have already met in your life thus far. Now imagine if every single one of them became your buddy. WOW! 

 Guess no one would ever be lonely, but would gladly welcome it.

So what makes certain friends more desirable/valuable then others?

I am not 100% sure, but my amature guess would be that it falls under chemistry. Others say it is solely a vibe/intuition upon first meeting.

This can be said for ALL relationships in our lives. Even the ones with our children and parents.

This is why we always click just a bit better with either Mom, OR Dad. We try not to play favorites with our children or siblings, but the truth is, we end up clicking, meshing and understanding one of them more then the others. It just happens!

We are often times drawn to certain people…. Sometimes people who we’d never have guessed we would be drawn to.

I have always found it really interesting when I have a friend carry on and on about someone new they’ve just met. They will insist that I have to meet her. That she is so great, etc.

Want to guess what happens when I meet them?

I don’t like them! And it’s odd, because we all know that we should not be judging a book by its cover, or upon first meeting. How is it then that you can meet someone only one time and have that instant feeling of uneasiness.  Not to get confused with hate, or thinking bad thoughts about them. Just feelings that the two of you are never going to be best buds.

It’s truly fasinating… how this always plays out.

For me the opposite stands. It’s the people that other people don’t always click with, that I click best with.  Does this happen to anyone else?

 I will have someone tell me about an awful person that they’ve met, or know. Going onand on about everything they don’t like about them etc..

When afterwards I reply, “So when can I meet them?” :o)~

Along came a Spider…..

It started off  as a silly prank. Dh and I were at our local grocery store and someone apparently thought it would be funny to place an uncanny FAKE black spider on the passengers side door handle of our van. It looked like a  female mouse spider, (for those who know their spiders..which I do! *G*) 

When I went to open the door I touched it and screamed like no tomorrow! Probably some kid my husband says..Some Nerve! Luckily I do have a sense of humor!

I reached down and picked it up, realizing  it was fake. When we got home I decided that it was my obligation to play the trick on one of my unsuspecting kids. Dh would have never fallen for it he says.. *G*

So I went with my oldest daughter…. She was getting ready to shower and I snuck in there and placed it next to her shampoo bottle. I made sure that just the legs were hanging over the edge.

I then went and told her sister, and we camped out  in front of the bathroom door while she was in there…. waiting for the scream. LOL

15 minutes went by and we heard nothing!  My daughter said, maybe she is too smart to fall for it mom. I said, But I fell for it honey…She said, well of course YOU would mom! *G*

As we were in the mist talking, SCREAMMMMM!!! Her sister ran in the bathroom and asked..What’s wrong?  Then my oldest daughter figured it out, and noticed it was fake!

She  threw it in discust! And her sister brought it back out to me while we decided who next to play the prank on. She wanted to place it on her brothers bedroom desk under his book, she said. I told her that he was too smart to fall for it, but she wanted to try anyways..So she went into his room, while he was in there no less, and casually placed it under his book, then asked him what page in the book he was on. He walked over, picked up the book and noticed the spider right off the back while throwing the book up in the air before screaming! I felt horrible, because as his sister was laughing so hard she started crying, I started crying because my son was really freaked out and came running to me saying that there was a HUGE scary spider on his desk. I immediately told him that it was fake, and walked over, picked it up and showed him. He then calmed down..

But–As I picked it up, I dropped it by accident next to my foot and just then my youngest daughter walked in his room to see what all the screaming was about and then she screamed, while yelling, “MOMMY, DON’T MOVE, THERE IS A SPIDER NEXT TO YOUR FOOT AND IT LOOKS REALLY MEAN!” 

Oh my! It was crazy!! But really funny at the same time!

**That was several days ago.**

Now today-While I was showering..I reached up to grab MY shampoo and saw some long black legs  hanging over.  I rolled my eyes and continued showering while thinking about who had the nerve to play this joke on me again..DH? One of the kids?  I continued on with my shower and when I went to reach for my conditioner the black spider legs were gone!!! I froze then stood up to my tippy toes to get a better look and saw a very scary REAL black furry spider with white dots on it crawling my way!!  YIKES!

I didn’t scream, but was really freaking out because it was much to big to blow down the drain, which was my first thought. I rinsed quickly, said the heck with conditioning my hair and jumped out of the shower before calling DH to the rescue!

My husband came in and asked what the problem was and I asked him if he or one of the kids planted a REAL spider in the shower? He said, No, Why? I pointed to the spider and demanded that he take it back outside or flush it, to get rid of it now!  He did, and I went on to question the kids to see if any of them caught it and placed it in there. Not that I can picture any of my girly-girl daughters actually doing this, but ya never know.

Turns out they all were offended that I would think such a thing of them, and said they would never have done anything like that…So I suppose the old saying is true:

What goes around comes around..Or in this case..crawls around! *shiver*

Well, "At least you have the memory."

Disclaimer:If you’re easily depressed, you should skip this post, as it may trigger feelings of depression. This is not the intention of the post.


I have always rolled my eyes when hearing the phrase. Well, “At least you have the memory.”

I mean really…whether they are good memories or bad ones, they will still leave you depressed or sad in the long run. Depressed once the good time is over, or depressed about a really bad day that you had.  Who would invite feelings of sadness & depression?

Let’s say you have an Awesome day!

A day that gives you an emotional high and has you yearning for more! We have all had them, regardless of who we are. Days that you wish would never end..Nothing serious or heavy, just fun sweetness.


Days, weeks, months or perhaps years pass, and your left with just the memory of your Awesome day….And people say this is a good thing?

Not always. In fact, I can not  think of one of my awesome days, which  has been many…That I can look back on, and still be happy about. I really have tried too, I am not just saying this…. Happy that it’s over? Happy that it ‘was’ but now is no longer?

Maybe I am missing something.  I admit, I’m no expert,  but it has been something that I have always thought about. And of course I am speaking from my own life experiences.

We are human… and will forever have the constant flow of memories of how Awesome a day was, and in return and will then be left feeling sad. Sad because the event, or Awesome day is a thing of the past. Get it?

 Where is the ongoing excitment in any of this?


Are Awesome days really worth it in the long run or are they nothing more then a quick fix?  I say quick fix, because there is no way we can possibly have Awesome days every day of our lives.  This is part of life as we know it. There will be good days, bad days and days that just are….

I am more focused on the notion of people saying, and wallowing in the mind-set of…

Well, “at least we have the memories.”

I don’t know, and maybe it’s just me and my morbid-OCD ways of thinking about things, but personally, I do not welcome Awesome days that will take up permanent residence in my mind, that will linger on… and mock the days that are less then perfect or Awesome..

That said,

You can take a really bad day that brings you to tears.  A day that you’re thrilled when it’s  over.    BUT-your still left with the memory, which in return will still sadden you every time you think of it..

What’s left then? Days that mean nothing..meaningless days of going through the motions of life without anything super great happening, OR super bad happening..

This would be the only way to not have any memories of distress. *G*

And YES, I am  fully aware that this is a rather desolate-dark blog post. Sometimes my mind is over active….

Victoria Secret SO SEXY hair products

What a Great Valentine’s Day post!

I finally broke down last week and bought the So Sexy hair Products line, that they sell at Victoria’s Secret. It was a Valentines day Gift for myself.:o)
 They were on sale, 3 for $20. Which was a very good deal, considering they run for $14 each. I don’t think I would spend retail price for them, I’m still too frugal. *G*

They smell exactly like the Victoria’s Secret Body, By Victoria parfum. Here is the parfum, for those who don’t know what it looks like.

 The scent of the shampoo & conditioner stays in your hair, which I love. Two days later, and my hair still smells great, as well as being really shiny. I keep getting asked what kind of parfum I’m wearing, and it’s actually my hair that people are smelling.

The conditioner formula is on the thicker side which can be used as a hair mask if needed. In fact, if you wanted to save money, you could actually use a cheaper shampoo, and just buy the VS-conditioner, as the smell is that strong and will hold with the conditioner alone.It is not a floral or fruity scent, which is what I normally Love. I am a former Herbal Essence shampoo & conditioner only girl! (The pink bottles) They still smell great to me, and I have about 8 of each still stocked in my bathroom so I will be using them up some day. For now, I will enjoy  my new So Sexy Victoria Secret Hair product line!

 I also bought a Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Glitter-soothing lip balm. It came in the pretty little metal pot and is a golden-nude glitter color. Very subtle, and will probably only be something that you know about, which is fine.:o)

This is How God Works! God IS LOVE!

The other day I took cash out from the ATM-something I never do.

Today Dh took cash out from the ATM after work-something he never does. We both generally never carry cash, only debit. What made us take cash out then?

We had plans to go to Lowes to buy a new shower tonight, we would be using our debit card.. On the way I was going to stop at the salon but they were closed, so we went out for coffee. We started talking and lost track of time, Then saw that Lowes was going to be closing soon. We headed on over in that direction, and as we are in the parking lot a man in tears came over to our van and knocked on the window. His very old conversion van was parked in front of us, and he proceeded to tell us that his wife, two kids and himself are living at the crisis center down the road. They are homeless. They ran out of gas and were stranded in the parking lot.

He said his church(which happened to be our old church) hasn’t offered much help, other then prayer. *This didn’t surprise me* :o(

He said he had no money for gas or food for his family. He then pulled up his shirt to reveal to us all the scaring from a surgery that he had done last year that financialy wiped them clean, then he got laid off from work. The house got taken, and they have no family to speak of.

He was the most down out man that I have ever seen in my life, a face I’ll never forget, and just listening to him tell us his story made me start crying.  He went on to tell us how he is just a normal guy, who has worked hard every day of his life to provide food and a good home for his family. He was a roofer, which is very hard work he went on to tell us…

Before we knew it, and before he was even done talking..I opened my purse and took out all the cash that I had taken from the ATM days prior. My DH did the same, and we gave it all to him. He then started to break down, and my heart wanted to so badly get out of the van and hug him! He thanked us while reaching out his hands to us, and went off to the gas station next door.

So, we went into Lowes, after this and they did not have the shower that we needed. They were out of the size  that we needed. The only one that they had, was the display model. The shower was $214.00, which seemed like a good price to us.

We really wanted to take care of our bathroom this weekend, and were feeling rather bummed out. Then, one of the employees asked us if we would be interested in the display model. We said sure! So the manager came and told us that he would be happy to get someone to get the display model down for us, and he would let us have it for—(DRUM ROLL) $104.00

Can I get a AMEN?

 Praise the Lord for all his goodness!!!

Blessings abound when you Bless others sacrificialy!! When you give and ask nothing in return. And most importantly–when you LOVE. ❤