This is How God Works! God IS LOVE!

The other day I took cash out from the ATM-something I never do.

Today Dh took cash out from the ATM after work-something he never does. We both generally never carry cash, only debit. What made us take cash out then?

We had plans to go to Lowes to buy a new shower tonight, we would be using our debit card.. On the way I was going to stop at the salon but they were closed, so we went out for coffee. We started talking and lost track of time, Then saw that Lowes was going to be closing soon. We headed on over in that direction, and as we are in the parking lot a man in tears came over to our van and knocked on the window. His very old conversion van was parked in front of us, and he proceeded to tell us that his wife, two kids and himself are living at the crisis center down the road. They are homeless. They ran out of gas and were stranded in the parking lot.

He said his church(which happened to be our old church) hasn’t offered much help, other then prayer. *This didn’t surprise me* :o(

He said he had no money for gas or food for his family. He then pulled up his shirt to reveal to us all the scaring from a surgery that he had done last year that financialy wiped them clean, then he got laid off from work. The house got taken, and they have no family to speak of.

He was the most down out man that I have ever seen in my life, a face I’ll never forget, and just listening to him tell us his story made me start crying.  He went on to tell us how he is just a normal guy, who has worked hard every day of his life to provide food and a good home for his family. He was a roofer, which is very hard work he went on to tell us…

Before we knew it, and before he was even done talking..I opened my purse and took out all the cash that I had taken from the ATM days prior. My DH did the same, and we gave it all to him. He then started to break down, and my heart wanted to so badly get out of the van and hug him! He thanked us while reaching out his hands to us, and went off to the gas station next door.

So, we went into Lowes, after this and they did not have the shower that we needed. They were out of the size  that we needed. The only one that they had, was the display model. The shower was $214.00, which seemed like a good price to us.

We really wanted to take care of our bathroom this weekend, and were feeling rather bummed out. Then, one of the employees asked us if we would be interested in the display model. We said sure! So the manager came and told us that he would be happy to get someone to get the display model down for us, and he would let us have it for—(DRUM ROLL) $104.00

Can I get a AMEN?

 Praise the Lord for all his goodness!!!

Blessings abound when you Bless others sacrificialy!! When you give and ask nothing in return. And most importantly–when you LOVE. ❤



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