Along came a Spider…..

It started off  as a silly prank. Dh and I were at our local grocery store and someone apparently thought it would be funny to place an uncanny FAKE black spider on the passengers side door handle of our van. It looked like a  female mouse spider, (for those who know their spiders..which I do! *G*) 

When I went to open the door I touched it and screamed like no tomorrow! Probably some kid my husband says..Some Nerve! Luckily I do have a sense of humor!

I reached down and picked it up, realizing  it was fake. When we got home I decided that it was my obligation to play the trick on one of my unsuspecting kids. Dh would have never fallen for it he says.. *G*

So I went with my oldest daughter…. She was getting ready to shower and I snuck in there and placed it next to her shampoo bottle. I made sure that just the legs were hanging over the edge.

I then went and told her sister, and we camped out  in front of the bathroom door while she was in there…. waiting for the scream. LOL

15 minutes went by and we heard nothing!  My daughter said, maybe she is too smart to fall for it mom. I said, But I fell for it honey…She said, well of course YOU would mom! *G*

As we were in the mist talking, SCREAMMMMM!!! Her sister ran in the bathroom and asked..What’s wrong?  Then my oldest daughter figured it out, and noticed it was fake!

She  threw it in discust! And her sister brought it back out to me while we decided who next to play the prank on. She wanted to place it on her brothers bedroom desk under his book, she said. I told her that he was too smart to fall for it, but she wanted to try anyways..So she went into his room, while he was in there no less, and casually placed it under his book, then asked him what page in the book he was on. He walked over, picked up the book and noticed the spider right off the back while throwing the book up in the air before screaming! I felt horrible, because as his sister was laughing so hard she started crying, I started crying because my son was really freaked out and came running to me saying that there was a HUGE scary spider on his desk. I immediately told him that it was fake, and walked over, picked it up and showed him. He then calmed down..

But–As I picked it up, I dropped it by accident next to my foot and just then my youngest daughter walked in his room to see what all the screaming was about and then she screamed, while yelling, “MOMMY, DON’T MOVE, THERE IS A SPIDER NEXT TO YOUR FOOT AND IT LOOKS REALLY MEAN!” 

Oh my! It was crazy!! But really funny at the same time!

**That was several days ago.**

Now today-While I was showering..I reached up to grab MY shampoo and saw some long black legs  hanging over.  I rolled my eyes and continued showering while thinking about who had the nerve to play this joke on me again..DH? One of the kids?  I continued on with my shower and when I went to reach for my conditioner the black spider legs were gone!!! I froze then stood up to my tippy toes to get a better look and saw a very scary REAL black furry spider with white dots on it crawling my way!!  YIKES!

I didn’t scream, but was really freaking out because it was much to big to blow down the drain, which was my first thought. I rinsed quickly, said the heck with conditioning my hair and jumped out of the shower before calling DH to the rescue!

My husband came in and asked what the problem was and I asked him if he or one of the kids planted a REAL spider in the shower? He said, No, Why? I pointed to the spider and demanded that he take it back outside or flush it, to get rid of it now!  He did, and I went on to question the kids to see if any of them caught it and placed it in there. Not that I can picture any of my girly-girl daughters actually doing this, but ya never know.

Turns out they all were offended that I would think such a thing of them, and said they would never have done anything like that…So I suppose the old saying is true:

What goes around comes around..Or in this case..crawls around! *shiver*

4 thoughts on “Along came a Spider…..

  1. I Really don’t get the concept behind scaring people, while i know a few people that are somewhat humorous when startled i know far to many that react on the ‘Fight’ tendency when placed in a ‘Fight or Flight’ situation… this usually ends with blood and bruises and possible property damage… needless to say laws have been placed down in my family concerning practical jokes.


  2. Too funny Mandy! My DH would freak out on me if I called him at work about a spider! lol I have actually gotten alot better about spiders since we moved down here. In the summer we are killing them daily, sometimes twice a day! I’m more thankful that I have not come across any deadly snakes, as I always here everyone comment on all the deadly snakes that they see in their yards! *shiver* Snakes are one thing, deadly snakes are another, same goes for spiders.

    JT~The concept behind scaring people is easy, it is the mega adrenaline rush that the person feels when you get scared, and the adrenaline rush that YOU feel when you are the one who did the scaring.(The feeling of fright you get when going down a huge roller coaster.) Obviously it goes without saying, that if someone is going to get hurt in the process, it is no longer a prank or joke, but just plain evil.Simple as that!


  3. No No, you miss the concept… James once tried to scare me and Jacob… it was a simple prank of jumping out of the dark at us with a mask… after i almost broke his nose as a natural reaction to being attacked and Jacob tried to stomp him into mud he discovered that there was little humor to be had… now i days i carry all sorts of nasty items that do very bad things to people and i react with violence to any perceived attack… so the question stands… where is the humor?


  4. No, I understood what you were saying. You don’t see any humor in getting hurt, neither do I.. that said, If you’ve grown up always having to watch your back, then yours and Jacobs reaction to being scared would be plausible. But that reaction is not the norm. That was then, this is now..and not everyone out there is ‘out to get you’ OR, mean harm as I’m surfe you already know. :o)


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