Well, "At least you have the memory."

Disclaimer:If you’re easily depressed, you should skip this post, as it may trigger feelings of depression. This is not the intention of the post.


I have always rolled my eyes when hearing the phrase. Well, “At least you have the memory.”

I mean really…whether they are good memories or bad ones, they will still leave you depressed or sad in the long run. Depressed once the good time is over, or depressed about a really bad day that you had.  Who would invite feelings of sadness & depression?

Let’s say you have an Awesome day!

A day that gives you an emotional high and has you yearning for more! We have all had them, regardless of who we are. Days that you wish would never end..Nothing serious or heavy, just fun sweetness.


Days, weeks, months or perhaps years pass, and your left with just the memory of your Awesome day….And people say this is a good thing?

Not always. In fact, I can not  think of one of my awesome days, which  has been many…That I can look back on, and still be happy about. I really have tried too, I am not just saying this…. Happy that it’s over? Happy that it ‘was’ but now is no longer?

Maybe I am missing something.  I admit, I’m no expert,  but it has been something that I have always thought about. And of course I am speaking from my own life experiences.

We are human… and will forever have the constant flow of memories of how Awesome a day was, and in return and will then be left feeling sad. Sad because the event, or Awesome day is a thing of the past. Get it?

 Where is the ongoing excitment in any of this?


Are Awesome days really worth it in the long run or are they nothing more then a quick fix?  I say quick fix, because there is no way we can possibly have Awesome days every day of our lives.  This is part of life as we know it. There will be good days, bad days and days that just are….

I am more focused on the notion of people saying, and wallowing in the mind-set of…

Well, “at least we have the memories.”

I don’t know, and maybe it’s just me and my morbid-OCD ways of thinking about things, but personally, I do not welcome Awesome days that will take up permanent residence in my mind, that will linger on… and mock the days that are less then perfect or Awesome..

That said,

You can take a really bad day that brings you to tears.  A day that you’re thrilled when it’s  over.    BUT-your still left with the memory, which in return will still sadden you every time you think of it..

What’s left then? Days that mean nothing..meaningless days of going through the motions of life without anything super great happening, OR super bad happening..

This would be the only way to not have any memories of distress. *G*

And YES, I am  fully aware that this is a rather desolate-dark blog post. Sometimes my mind is over active….

2 thoughts on “Well, "At least you have the memory."

  1. I’ve never looked at it that way before. For me, memories of an awesome day make me happy as I relive the happiest parts all over again in my mind and heart. And the memory of a really bad day–like when I lost my grandmother–bring memories of her and the aunt who cared enough to tell me she was gone.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. You know, there was a time that I use to do the same E..I guess I’m just getting old & cranky. This post was more of me thinking out loud is all.:o)


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