What's in a Car?

DH’s in the market for a new car.  He’s been wanting to get something new for the past couple years now.  We use to get something new every couple years, but since paying our van off five years ago, we have made do. Having no car payments is a very good thing!

 We also had a Saturn a few years ago that he used solely for work. We had originally bought it for my mother when she was living with us, but she decided that she didn’t like it, so we ended up selling it.

So, yesterday Dh mentioned that it was time to upgrade.  He either wants to get a small car to take to work and save on gas, or get a newer van. I don’t drive, but I do feel that if he gets a small car to save on gas, it is not really going to do much good, because you won’t actually be saving on gas persay… because you’ll now have a  car payment, AND have to pay for gas!

Personally, I would probably keep the van that we have now so that there would be no car payment. Granted its older, 2005 I think! But, we did just get all new tires for it, and it runs good.  Sure, I would rather have something that seats eight, as our van only seats seven.

Alas’ he wants to upgrade, so I did give him my thoughts on what I would like to be a passenger in..it was the least I could do and all..

My first choice would be a Cadillac Escalade,  In either black, blue, green or silver. Next would be a Yukon Denali, also in black,blue, green or silver. They both hold eight passengers and just really call out to me. Would I be able to justify the morgage-like car payments-Probably not!

But…In the event that we do get into an accident, I would much rather have something huge, and get less hurt, then something small, and be squashed to smithereens!

He doesn’t mind either of my choices, except he has a thing for the color white. I have never liked white or red cars. White gets dirty so fast, and is just… Well, white!  And red ones are just so flashy, and statistically speaking, red vehicals  get into more accidents then other color. I have also been in a few accidents as a passenger, and the cars that hit us, were all red!  My guess, is that,  if your driving a red car you feel more powerful, and tend to drive faster perhaps…

Dh likes white because if a white vehicle gets scratched, it doesn’t show up, but blends in. Every other color, especially black, will show like crazy he says.

So…..He test drove a Town & Country Chrysler yesterday, which he really liked. It was fully loaded with all the extras. It was also white! Only holds seven, but will only cost sixty to fill  up, opposed to probably eighty with my choices! And as far as small cars go-I really can’t say too  much about them, as I don’t drive.  

I do know, that my least favorite small car is a Mazda Miata. I have been in 2 accidents as a passenger in them, so I figure that they are either not safe, or perhaps it was the driver. *G* Then take into consideration that the smaller the car, the more crushed you will get in an accident. 

However, I think those new electric cars are the exception, of course being so tiny, I can’t imagine they would be comfortable, but who knows..

When I was a teenager my father bought a dark blue Diesel. He told me that, when I graduated, he would pass it onto me as a gift, OR  he’d give me a hundred bucks…Needless to say, I took the cash!  lol He wanted so badly to get me behind the wheel and teach me to drive, but I was just too scared then, and am too scared now.  

What else…

I also like the shape of Jaguars and Saab’s. If I did drive, I think I would be wanting either of these, not new though!  The Jaguar would have to be dark green, and the Saab would have to be Silver.  Oh, and my brother had an Audi 5000 growing up, which I also loved.  

So that is my little run down on transportation. Of course maybe we should all do the environment a favor and go back to horse and buggy! :o)~

Hmmm, what kind of horses do I like? *kidding*


3 thoughts on “What's in a Car?

  1. As long as you’re looking at gas and payments on a second car, don’t forget to look at payments in addition to gas on a newer first car. A big deal to me when I bought my last vehicle was cargo space. It’s one thing to put 7 people in a vehicle but when you also have to put their groceries or luggage in, it’s nice if they don’t have to hold it.

    Red is a color that becomes invisible to older eyes especially on cloudy days so that may be another reason for the higher incidents of accidents. I would take into consideration the weather where you are and avoid colors that blend in with it–no white in high snow areas, no tan in the desert, no gray or silver in high fog areas, etc. Also look at the cars on the road from that make that are the color you are considering. I see more white vehicles with peeled paint on their hoods than any other color.

    And if you buy used, make sure to ask if it has been smoked in! Most used cars have been.


  2. Actually Insurance agents around the world have tried to say Red cars = Bad Luck… but they get very conflicting results, According to C&D Statistically you are 12% more likely to be in an accident if you drive a red vehicle… But you are 19% less likely to receive serious injury/death if you drive a red car.


  3. ~Yes E, we always consider how big the area is in back for luggage,groceries etc. We also want our next one to have the back seats that flip under, because everytime we get Hay, we need to take the seats out, which is a real drag. He test drove a little Honda Civic today that he really liked. He may just go for a small car to commute with afterall, and continue on with the van that we have.

    ~Interesting statistics JT, I wonder how the whole ‘red/bad luck’ regarding cars first started.


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