Starting the morning off right..

I woke up this morning thinking about a big pot of homemade chili over rice, and some mint brownies.

I went right to it, and started on the chili. While it was simmering, I was trying to decide what kind of rice to make. Basmati,White, Brown, or Jasmine? I wanted Jasmine because it makes the whole house smell Amazing! The kids wanted white. Naturally they won!

I had two canisters of white rice on the counter, one had only two cups left in it, so while  reaching for the other canister, not thinking that anything would be flying out at me. I had DH on the phone, and as soon as I opened the lid….

 Out flew a  swarm of  moths!   Totally unexpected, which freaked me out enough to drop the canister lid into the pot of boiling water, while screaming into the phone in shock!  At least it wasn’t the phone that I dropped into the boiling water! ( As Pollyanna would say, I’M GLAD about that!) *G*

For the first second or two, I wasn’t sure what type of insect it was, as I’ve learned  not to rule out ANY insect, because they always seem to find me. I’m convined that they wait until everyone else in NOT around, before making their route over to me. *G*

 Take the other night for example. Everyones in the living room watching TV, and my eyes tend to hit the ceilings frequently, because I know spiders love ceilings.  Well, except for wolf spiders, they’er grown dwellers.  Anyway, ceiling looked good and everyone went to bed shortly after. I shut off  the living room light so that the only light that was shining, was the from my laptop. Wouldn’t you know, as soon as I sat back down, a brown furry spider made its way down its web right onto my laptop! Why? Where was it a minute ago when the lights were on and I was scanning the ceiling, and everyone else was in the room with me?

 The same goes for the car, and it really is a good thing that I don’t drive because I would have gotten into so many accidents due to spiders crawling on me! They make mosquito repellant, how is it that no one has been smart enough to come up with a spider repellant?

When I ask friends about these type of things, they reply..”OH NO, we never have any bugs inside our house or cars.”   Yeah, ok.. They’re just hiding… I think to myself.

This very well may be part of the problem. I’m constantly cleaning & moving stuff around. Therefore, bugs have no place to get all comfy and hide.

Regarding the Moths…

A while back we were having a moth problem which I thought were from a bunch of dried peppers that DH brought home, but now I’m wondering if I was wrong about that. I ended up going crazy with moth balls, and haven’t seen any since.. I guess they had the last laugh though!

The dilemma is–Were they already in the rice when I bought the 50lb bag from Costcos? OR, did they some how get under the canister lid? My guess is that there was mouth eggs in the rice when we bought the bag. For me, it is a out of sight, out of mind thing. Yes, I realize we have all eaten worst without knowing it, especially in restaurants where we never actually see the food being prepared. But…There is no mistaken insects flying out at you!

So now I’m faced with a big canister of rice, wondering whether to toss the whole thing, or just wash it real well before using, OR  do a mind over matter, and realize that moths really aren’t too bad for ya! As long as they’re boiled with the rice, and die in the process that is, because the last thing I would want, is to  have moth eggs hatch inside me, and have moths flying all about..

Hmmm, I suppose stomach acid would kill them first though. I really don’t know for sure.

I wonder if this is the reason my mother never bought regular rice growing up. In fact, I had no idea that rice came loose in bags.  I only knew about boil in the bag minute rice up until my 20’s..,same thing goes for potatos. Mashed potatos meant potato flakes! Guess I missed out on a lot growing up. *G*

No, I was just fine growing up with my Banquet TV dinners. They had the potato flakes,corn, and a tasty steak-like meat product. Ahh, the comfort of home..:o)~ Oh yes, The brownie came with it to!!  That was another one.  Homemade brownies were foreign to me…

But not now… You simply have NOT truly had a brownie, unless it’s a homemade one. Specifically a chewy double chocolate chip-mint one! Yummy!


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