MANGO Kombucha!

 I have traded in my coffee for Kombucha.  I was going to make the switch to green tea, and I may still, as the flavored Kombucha that I am hooked on cost more then my coffee habit. I just really like the feeling that Kombucha gives me, and isn’t this the reason we all drink coffee, soda, etc? For the feeling!

GT’s Synergy just put out a new flavor. MANGO!  It’s so yummy and good, and I simply can not stop drinking it. I still love the guava and cranberry, that I have raved about in the past, but Mango is my new fav.  The color is also so darn pretty, just looking at it makes me happy! :o)~

One thought on “MANGO Kombucha!

  1. I have been making homemade kombucha for about 3 years now. Our scobies are huge! But it took a while to get them that big. I started with the GT one too. I think they only had the plain one at the store at that time. The cosmic cranberry one is still one of my favorites!
    I make it with black tea sometimes, and sometimes with green. The only thing is, It takes so long to ferment in my house, and I still have to buy it! lol I call it KombuKa too. :o)

    Whole Foods took it off the market for about 6 months last year, as the FDA had issues with the minute alcohol content. When it went back on the shelves, it’s changed. It has 10 grams of sugar now, and is only 95% KombuKa. :o( SO, it really does go down like a soda now! This mango one has lots of mango pulp throughout it too. Just wish it didn’t have so much sugar. Sometimes I add a small bag of raw cranberrys to the finished product and let it sit out over night. It turns the prettiest pinkish-red shade and had a real nice flavor. My husband just mixes his with Goya nectar.


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