Eating Worms!

Some things are better off not knowing, and eating worms falls into this category. I went grocery shopping at Costco’s today and bought myself a big container of blackberries for lunch. I was super hungry, because the rest of the family just got done having pizza at the mall and I’m having a fruit only day so didn’t have any.

When I got back to the van I just couldn’t take it any longer. I was so hungry, so decided to ignore the the sticker on the blackberry container that read, RINSE BEFORE EATING, and dived right into them. After-all, I eat the wild blackberries from my back yard without rinsing them every summer. First I checked to see where they were imported from. Mexico the container said. No, they wern’t organic obviously.
I opened them up and took a smell.  I asked the kids if they had any water on hand, that I could pour over them. No one did, so I just started popping them into my mouth as is. I ate nearly the whole container, and when we arrived home, I took the rest over to the sink and rinsed them off  before dumping them into a bowl.  When I walked away, I over heard my daughter say Ewww! MOM!!!!

I went back over to where she was, and she’s pointing to the blackberries, that had dozens upon dozens on tiny green worms all over them!

They were very tiny, but they were in fact crawling all over them. I couldn’t bare to toss them, because I just spend six bucks for the container. I rinsed them again, and again, and again…These tiny little worms just kept coming out.

After realizing that I was going to either have to eat them, because most likely I already downed at least a couple dozen on the way home..OR, toss the rest out?


I decided to do what any other girly-girl would do… I took a closer look at all the sweet little green worms, explaining to them how they all have had a very good life, a healthy one at that… But their days have come to an end now…..
Then continued to pop the rest in my mouth! :o)~

Looks like today turned out to be a Fruit and Protein day after-all!


One thought on “Eating Worms!

  1. Not a chance I would have eaten them. They’d have gone back to the store or out for the (other) critters.

    You’re a brave woman YankeeGal. Braver than I am.


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