I'm Sick!

It has been so long since I caught a cold. I feel miserable!  Nothing major, but still draining none the less..The basic cold that starts off with a really bad sore throat. :o( 

I have tried all the natural stuff..ACV,Raw honey, garlic, echinacea, elderberry and even a shot of brandy..Still hurts, so I moved on to Nyquil, which did absolutely nothing, but my husband still swears by it, as it always works for him within a few hours. *G*

My nose is insanely runny too, so I resorted to Benadryl, which always works, but I need to take 3 of them! Soooo, I’m feeling off in la-la land right now!

Isn’t there some golden rule about moms being sick? Ugh! Life must go on…

2 thoughts on “I'm Sick!

  1. Are you sure it’s not Hell Allergies? this season is already bad and all indicators point to it getting nothing but worse.

    I hope you get better.


  2. Yeah, I’m actually thinking it is severe allergies now. They are really bad in the house and outside.I just can’t figure out why now though. Had them really bad back home, but not so much down here. Well, until now..My nose & eyes & throat itch like crazy!! :o(


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