Company Party ❤️

This was what I was actually planning on wearing,but didn’t.

This is my uncomfortable fake smile-having so much make-up on! lol

This was my favorite look!



7 thoughts on “Company Party ❤️

  1. you look great, just remember that in 1920 it was ‘Unladylike’ to smile big enough to show teeth, some did but most pictures you get from that era like that are for magazines and they wanted the ‘Shock’ value… kinda sad that exposed teeth shoulders and knee’s were the shocking thing of the age…

    of course you could also buy a full-auto Thompson sub-machine gun at a hardware store for $15 and Opium and Cocaine were sold over the counter so who am i to judge…


  2. Thanks. I didn’t know it was unladylike to show teeth. Wow! I can’t smile without showing them.

    ~Everyone at the party had sleeveless dresses on. I think all the flapper girl dresses back then were sleeveless. At least all the vintage ones I’ve seen online.


  3. I really havn’t had all that many looks. Let’s see, I met ya in 2001 when I was still dressing like a heathen! ha-ha! I mean, I use to wear blue jeans!! Ugh! Totally disgraceful, and terribly disturbing for me to even think about, but I do actually own one pair,never say

    Then I wore just dress’s, and now I wear just skirts, but in the summer I’ll wear more dress’ I really haven’t changed all that much? And, um, I’d never wear this to church gurly,unless it was called The Church Of The….

    Ah, nevermind.:o)


  4. Yeah, niether do I. I actually love my glasses but they were too modern to wear with the outfit. I did bring along an old pair, and wore them.


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