Weird Dream


We were living in an apartment complex which was set up so all the single people lived on the top floor, couples  lived on the middle floor, and everyone else lived on the first floor.

It made sense,  that way you would not hear a bunch of running around on th 3rd floor! *G* There’s more to it though…


I had the front door open and was showing my two oldest daughters four small spider cocoons that were hanging there. I was telling them that when daddy came home, he would have to take care of them, because we do not want them to hatch. Just then, a couple that lived on the second floor walked by us and asked what I was doing, and if we just moved in. I told them yes, that we were new and showed them the spider cocoons. The women said,” Ew, nasty!” and proceeded to walk up to the second floor.

Her husband told me to just get a napkin and grab them and then bring the napkin out to the trash area. I asked him if I brought him out a napkin, would he do it? He said, “Sure.” Then afterwards as he was walking up the stairs to the second floor, he said, “don’t forget to water and trim the tree roots.”

I said, “Wait! what tree roots?” and he pointed to a  tiny door flap that was next to my front door. Up until now, I thought it was some sort of electrical outlet. I bent down to lift the flap and sure enough, there were little tree roots sticking out in there. He said that there very long and went through the whole building, right out to the main grass area in front. That it was some new easier way to garden. He told me to put 6 cups of water in there each week or they would die, and we would get evicted.  And that I also needed to trim them every couple weeks. I said OK, …and then I woke up!

Talk about weird! I have no idea where these strange dreams come from. I did not take anything before I went to bed that would promote such dreams, and actually had a clear mind. *sigh*

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