Organic Apple-Chicken Sausage

I rarely eat meat, but when I do, I prefer chicken or salmon. That said, I may have to start eating more of these simply delish organic apple-chicken sausages

I bought them at  Costcos, but they also have the smaller packs at Whole Foods. They are precooked, which means all you need to do is, boil them like a hotdog. I cut them into bite size pieces and placed them in a pot of heated spaghetti sauce, which was loaded with parmesan cheese. I know that Kraft parmesan cheese  is not the healthiest choice, but I am addicted to it!

My grandmother use to place a cup of Kraft parmesan cheese in a ziplock, along with a cup of potato flakes, bread her chicken, then bake it. So Yummy! But I honestly could just take it by the teaspoon and call it medicine!

Anyways, this was a shoutout to these Awesome Apple-Chicken Sausages!


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