Coincidences? Who's to say….


Have you ever had  sudden feelings, thoughts, and visions of direct things happening.. and then finding out that they either come true,or already have happened?

For the past decade or so this has been happening to me. It started off years ago when I had lost contact with a friend from high school. We were driving one day and got lost and past a street sign that had my friends last name on it. I then mentioned it to DH, that I use to have a friend from school, whose last name was the name of the street sign.

That night I was laying in bed she popped into my head screaming.  I had a vision that she was screaming. It was so weird because I had not spoken, or heard from her in years. The next day I was still thinking about her, so decided to locate her. I located the number and called her mother, and before I could ask how my  friend was doing, she told me that her daughter was in the hospital, because her husband had broken her rib cage the night before. It was very distubing to hear about!

~Then there were a couple of really personal things that popped into my mind that same year, and weeks later came true..

~I also had an instance with my mother, who hates scarves. I had a dream that someone gave her a blue scarf. I though it was a silly dream to have..Weeks went by and one day while talking on the phone with her, she mentions  that a friend recently gave her a scarf, but since she doesn’t wear scarves, wanted to know if I wanted it..Wouldn’t ya know when I asked her the color of it, she said BLUE!

Same goes for dreams, which I truly believe God places in our minds for reasons that we may not always know.
~A couple years ago I had a dream of a guy knocking on my front door. When I answered the door, he told me his name and then left..Then I woke up. I hopped on-line and Googled the name and 2 people came up. No-one that I knew, but both happened to live in the same state as me. Very weird!
I can go on and on… but this past year this has been happening so much! Thoughts, dreams and visions. My mind is on over time!

~I had a dream that a friend was some place by a sink and got hurt on the hand and someone threw him a towel..which ended up actually happening, but in the past-tense.

~I had a dream someone was pregnant and miscarried, and that ended up happening.:o(

~I had a vision that I was reading something at a friends funeral..Thank goodness that didn’t happen, and she is actually fine! And NO! I haven’t told her that I saw myself at her funeral. But I have been praying non stop for her health!!

~Then just the other day I had a strong feeling that a friend moved away..and that almost happened and still might.

~Last night I had a strong feeling that someone that I knew was coughing and couldn’t stop. I had no idea who it could possibly be. Then earlier today while talking to my father on the phone, he started coughing really bad, that he had to place the phone down, and when he came back, he told me that he is on medication for a very bad cough that he has been suffering from the past few days.
So all these things have just been on my mind…
From the few people that I have talked with in the past about these type of things, most say it happens to people that have a strong sense of everything around them..Spiritually,Darkness & Light, Core Energy and just good old intuition. It is actually pretty common.

 On another note-There are another group of people that see numbers..For example-People see certain numbers in their head, and then end up behind a license plate with the exact numbers that they envisioned earlier.

Years ago I was talking to a friend who told me that they couldn’t get a certain group of numbers out of their head..and come to find out, weeks later they ended up looking at a house that had the same group of numbers in the street address. They ended up moving there. lol

Coincidences? Who’s to say….


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