Losing Weight? & Eating!

  I keep getting asked how I’ve been losing weight. I’ve lost over 50lbs in the past year, and would like to shed another 50lbs. I have lost 5lbs this past week too.

So what I’ve found works the best is……

Simply eating everything and anything that your heart desires!! Don’t worry about counting calories..watching your carbs, omitting fats, or staying away from junk food! Eat whatever, and whenever you want, in any amount of quanities you want!

BUTYou know there has to be a catch right??

ReadyDON’T SWALLOW!  That’s IT..enjoy the texture and taste of all your favorite foods…but remember to spit it all out discreetly in your napkin, or a small canning jar works well… after enjoying it..DO NOT SWALLOW!

How easy is that one simple rule to follow??  And there is an occasional exception or two..If your munching on an apple or pear..YOU GO FOR IT! Swallow after your done chewing! :o)~

Teach ur family, and you will all be healthy!!!

**Mom used Adobo in that soup, which is loaded with MSG, so the family really had no other option!….**

Are ya grossed out yet?  Well I know a certain lady from Kansas surely ought to be! :o)~lol

Am I doing this to lose weight?  Honestly, shame on whoever thought that I would! *G*

Nah, I would never be able to do this, but have heard of others who have..Yikes!

I  once had a doctor tell me if you chew food right down to a liquid state, then you will lose weight. I actually tried that one in the past, and failed miserably. Everything I do is fast, which includes eating I’m afraid. Two-three chomps, and down it goes!

That said, Now that the warmer months are here I’ll be eating a lot less cooked foods again.  What am I a slave to?  Mainly Pasta-which lures me in like nothing else! I did good today.  I made an enormous pot of homemade mac & cheese for the kids, and didn’t have even a bite.  Despite it (the melted cheese mainly) whispering sweet nothings in my ears!

The kids all had 2 servings, and there is some left for them for tomorrow… DH doesn’t do much American food and he’s not an pasta lover at all. Plenty more for the rest of us! *G*

So today I ate 3 organic tacos. I ❤ Tacos! But they have to be meatless, have to have a blue taco shell, and have to have lots of cheddar cheese on top! YUM! I think I can honestly walk around with a block of cheese, and eat it like an apple!

I buy blue organic taco shells, stuff them with organic refried pinto, OR black beans, top them with shredded cheddar cheese and heat them for 40 seconds. Then I add mung bean sprouts and boston lettace to them. They are fabulous!!  So while the kids were groaning about how extra cheesey, milky and buttery the mac and cheese turned out…I was telling them that they were missing out on some good ol’ fashion refried pinto beans, in blue taco shells!  Their Loss, right?  <:o)~

I had a Cliff Bar for breakfast. I love them so much, and you can buy a big box at Costcos for only $20.00 You get 24 in the box, which will take you almost through a whole month. They have wonderful ingrediants and are only 240 calories each. I tried to make them, but it ended up costing more. Great to have on hand. I also love the Luna bars but they are too expensive.

I  had a quart of water and a quart of carrot juice today. For dinner, it will most likely be homemade raw granola that my daughter just made.

I don’t buy red meat unless I am cooking for a bunch of people like I did last week.  Secretly, I love meatballs and make an awesome meatloaf, but try to pretend that I don’t.  I buy salmon burgers, then I melt swiss cheese on them. I have them as is, with no bread. They are super. I love fish, but hate having to pick through bones…I use to catch bass all the time as a kid, and had my fair share of bone picking, which kinda ruined it for me as an adult.  So I only buy filets. Flounder and Tilapia are also great!

 I have one of  those mentioned above,  for dinner a once a week. I also buy lots of chicken, but decided that I am not going to cook it anymore because no body eats it, but that’s a whole other topic! As long as it’s not fried, I’ll eat chicken once a week. I use to only make homemade fried chicken. Paula Deene style, which is probably why no one eats chicken anymore.

We do not eat the SAD (standard american diet) diet anymore, and haven’t for some time. No three course meals here, which I could make healthy, but the fact is, no body eats like that.

My kids graze through out the day. They have either granola, hard boiled eggs,waffles, or fruit for breakfast. Lunch, they have either a sandwhich,rasin toast,yogurt and fruit,tacos(yes, they do actaully eat them, minis the mung beans.) OR, if I make a big pot of pasta, they will eat that. I also buy high fiber flour tortillas, and sometimes make homemade corn tortillas, and the kids eat them with melted cheese in the middle. Homemade burritos are also good!

Dinner, everyone eats differently. I have one Gluten-Free daughter..who cooks for herself. My oldest daughter eats very much like I do, so whatever I end up fixing for myself, she will eat. Salmon,mussels,eggs,quinoa,whole belly clams,chicken-apple sausages, stuffed baked potatos or meat-less burritos. I also made spinach fettucini last week. The pasta itself was green, and made from artichoke flour.

Yes, I still snack daily. I eat dehydrated bananas,dehydrated apricots,mango and plums. I eat mostly dehydrated fruits off-season, because I can’t find the whole fruits that don’t cost an arm and a leg until Spring and Summer hits. I am also crazy over avacodos!  Yes,they are high in fat, but it’s the good fat!  Sometimes I dice one up and mash it onto Organic Torilla chips for a night time snack.. I also love popcorn. I  buy the organic kind without MSG or hydronated oils in it. Of course when I’m at the movies, which is about twice a month–I do splurge and eat the discustingly processed, overly drenched in fake butter, loaded with bleached salt…. type of  movie popcorn….which of course is a heart attack waiting to happen! But I’m not dogmatic about anything, and always leave room to enjoy myself. :o)~

Another snack that probably no one else would consider a snack, other then me, are chopped cherry tomatoes with english cucumbers, shredded mozzerella cheese,sea salt and Grapeseed oil.  Just the other night I mentioned to DH, that I was feeling like some ice cream something awful!  About an hour later, I walked into the living room with a big bowl in my hand. It was dark, and DH assumed I had some ice cream stashed away in one of the freezers while walking into the room with a bowl in my hands..

 But nope-It was the tomatos,cukes,cheese and oil.  Equally yummy I told him, as he gagged!

As far as sweets go…I love, love chocolate, but only a certain kind, ice cream-prefrably Ben & Jerrys New York Chuck. Sweet tarts and Smarties are a weakness, but I only indulge in those when parade season starts up..I don’t eat any chips what-so-ever, except the organic tortilla chips mentioned above.  Ironically, I’m a recovering Doritos & Cheese puff fan, but the mere smell of them makes me want to vomit now. Sometimes people will walk by me in the super market and I can tell that they were obviosuly eating them prior…  Monosodium glutamate, hydrolyzed yeast extract, and MSG…otherwise known as flavor enhancers, have a smell all their own! :oP

 Your taste buds change when you give up unhealthy, over processed, fake food! You will go through a 2 week withdrawl period, and will have to keep on reading about how toxic junk food really is crippling you, just to get you to  the next level of your health. It is a mind over matter thing!

This is what I did!  I had little print outs of all the ingrediants that rob your body (Which is the Lords temple) of all its functions that it was created for!!  I started asking myself, how can I drink something that will bleach clothing, and not expect it to damage my insides?  Or drink something that has the ability to clean automobile motors..(Kool Aid & Soda)

How can I eat so many toxic chemicals that break down and deteriate the inside of my body, make me sick..and I know! Then I’ll have people pray for my health–as I continue to harm myself, while slowing killing off all my organs…until I die of a heart attack or obesity(diabetes), OR end up in the hospital for other reasons, which at no avail-will be brought on by my own doing. Not very smart when you think about it!

Sweetners: I use honey and stevia in the powder form and the liquid form.

I don’t use any condiments anymore. As far as eating out..I go out to breakfast several times a month, and I do the whole eggs,toast, and potatos thing.

 We also go to Subway a couple times a month, and it’s really  just as bad as any fast food chain, speaking of sodiem and fat, that is. So unless you are going to carry a big kooler in your car packed with food, then there will be times that you go out, and it is fun going out!

Sometimes it’s hard to eat at other peoples houses. Regardless, I always eat whatever is being served, then just go to the bathroom to vomit afterwards…

I’m teasing of course!  lol…More times then not, it is something soooo good, something that I have not had in forever, and I want seconds and thirds! :o)~

On the flip side–

When I have dinner parties and folks want to bring something… Which is so polite and all, but really not necessary I assure them, but sometimes they insist, so…

Take a couple weeks ago for example. I invited a couple of ladies over, and one  of them wanted to bring drinks for all our kids..She knew that we don’t do soda, unless it’s from Whole Foods or homemade. (Yes, I do make homemade gingerale.)

There is Sweet Tea, but if it’s made with bleached sugar, it’s toxic  and all my kids end up with belly aches..So I thought the safe bet, without sounding to off the wall, would be..LEMONADE!   Then I was asked..Crystal Light, or Kool-Aid lemonade? I only had a second to think about it..Hmm, Crystal Light, which is loaded with Aspertame,(The Silent Killer) which is a phenylalanine…and there is actually a warning lable on the bottom of the container!! Along with, the other 11 deadly ingrediants!  OR, Kool-Aid (The Kiss of death) which is made with bleached sugar,maltodextrin,butylated hydroxyanisole, and yellow number 4….No lemons what so ever!!!  So what was the lesser of two evils, I thought to myself, obviously not fast enough, before…”OH, DO YOU SQUEEZE YOUR OWN LEMONS DEAR?”  I replied, sometimes, but store bought lemon juice is super easy to make lemonade with too?

There is going to be times like this..if you and your family are not use to eating healthy, then these things will sound absurd to you, but if you are use to eating a certain way, you WILL all have stomach aches come night time!  This was something that DH couldn’t get past, and in the end, won! :o(

DH still eats junk food and either stops on the way home some place, or I’ll make him a green smoothie or Keifer shake when he comes home. He does both, which keeps his body highly toxic, and in return he is always the first person to get sick.  He also gets Spanish food from his family and brings that home to eat.  As well as…Sandwiches,cereal,sausages or hotdogs..which are the organic ones that I buy though. 

That covers what we all eat, and how I eat. I have not had any coffee yet today, but I know when DH comes home, he will want to go out for coffee, so of course I will have some then. I actually never started drinking coffee until I met DH. *G*

Regarding exercise: I work out 4x a week at my house. My oldest DD works out with me.

I alternate with the Leslie Sanome DVD’s. She has a 1,2,3,4 and 5 mile walk. We are still on the 3 mile walk, and can not seem to make it to the 4 mile yet. I’m hopeful though,someday. I also do a Belly Dancing workout with my other daughter who doesn’t like the Leslie ones. Only a few times a month though, because your extreamly sore for days after.

I also use 5lb brass dumbells, which I’ve had since I was fifteen years old. They are the only thing that has made it through all my travels, and moving around!

I am sure I’m forgetting stuff, but that is pretty much it. Any questions, just ask! :o)


One thought on “Losing Weight? & Eating!

  1. More grossed out by the pictures actually. The movie Thin about four women in an eating disorder center has a teen who used to “Chew and Spit” with her mom so I suspect that it along with vomiting after meals is a sign of eating disorders.


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