Spider Bite? :o(

I got bit by something the other night. I know it was about midnight,  because I was in the living room in the dark and felt something dripping down my ankle. It was blood!

I got up and  wiped it off, then noticed 2  fang marks. It had to be a spider, because there are no snakes in my house!

The bite marks, as shown below,  are pretty spread apart. I Googled spider bites, and all the ones that came up were very close together. With my bite, I can actually fit a whole finger between the  two marks.

It started itching  an hour later and kept me up all night. :o(  The next morning the marks were raised a little , but not much. Then 24 hours rolled around, it started itching like crazy again. The same thing happen last night. Fine all day, and then about midnight it started bleeding  and itching like crazy. I read online that most spiders inject a liquid into you  BEFORE they bite you so that you won’t feel the bite..

How very sweet of them to do! *G*

Horrible picture, I know! I was zooming it real close.

I haven’t went to the doctors because I already know they will ask me if I feel light headed, feverish or dizzy. And  I don’t.

They willtell me to keep an eye on it and if anything..come back in. Yada, Yada….

A total waste of time and money.


~This too shall pass…


One thought on “Spider Bite? :o(

  1. You smart girl you! Why didn’t I think of that. I have plenty! I’ll try that tonight. I have been putting tea tree oil on it and was thinking about trying colodial silver this weekend. I’ll try the clay though. Thanks!

    Maybe the tooth fairy had fangs? lol


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