Having Patience & Love

  Having Patience & seeing things through…

It’s so Amazing what love can accomplish!  I guess this is sort of a praise report.  I am just so excited about seeing the Lord work all things for good. It took me having not only patience, which use to not come easily for me. It also took much grace and mercy on my behave.

In the christian world, there is not always much grace bestowed on other believers. In fact, from my personal experience as of lately, there is no grace, love or mercy bestowed on anyone, just heavy judgment.


I’ve always felt this, and once upon a time decided that if I couldn’t beat’um, I might as well join them.  It was such a traitorous time in my life, as it is takes so much time, energy and utter misery,  being a person that has no love in their heart for others… only harsh judgment!   The Lord allowed me to go through that period by being patient with me, along with silently teaching me how to be patient with others that he would bring into my life in the future.

This all came crashing down on me earlier today while talking with a women who told me that a church that my family use to belong too, use to think my family was a cult, OR were Muslims.  No one ever bothered to ask in love, about us, or even bother to try to get to know us…They simply drew this conclusion because of the way that I use to dress. Immediately, my whole family was labeled as such, and as we were there for only six months, no one ever said a word to us, except for the lady who shared this information with me today. I’m still not sure why she shared this information with me now, as its been 3 years since my family attended this church.

 I have long since moved on…But as she was sharing that many of today’s churches are more of court houses then churches. She said that they rule over the people with an iron fist, which is why she can’t shop in town anymore, in fear of being seen shopping on the Lords day..and then apoligized for having me on the phone on the Lords day..I assured her that I am not judging her, and I’m here 24/7–which includes Sundays! 
Hearing these sorts of things do wreck haven on me emotionally sometimes. There has been times that these sort of  things cause anxiety, making me want to throw my hands in the air, and say The Heck with this all! This is NOT worth it! People are crazy down here and I want no part of it! This is how my flesh wants to react. And the easy way out would be…

Keep myself at home and not answer the phone when I see who’s calling me.. If I do this–I’m safe right? I have removed myself from getting involved, trying to be helpful and most importantly, keeping myself sane.

Aside from that, I would also be with holding my love from everyone…. And as everyone always likes to quote, ‘you shall know them by their fruits’  They fail to quote/mention the two greatest commandments!  So nowadays, when I hear anyone quote me this verse in a heavy judgment kind of way—my mind immediately transfers it over to extending love and grace, two of the most amazing gifts that Jesus extends out to me without question every single day!


In conclusion to listening to this women tell me that I’m no one that she would ever have thought to befriend, and get to know on a personal level…. because I have never came down on her as do, her family and church family always has……

She then whispered..”I need to go, my family is pulling up and can’t catch me on the phone with you, much less on the Lords Day! I’m so sorry!”
With that, I said, “OK I’m here if you need me.” And I mean what I say! 24/7 whenever!

And instead of getting upset when I hung up with her, thinking how crazy this place is… that the Lord has placed me….I silently thanked him. Thanked Christ for his Mercy & Grace, and unfailing love and patience that he so freely gives me…Thanked him for  never with holding his presence from me, based on  performance, or lack of performance with others….
Jesus is not hovering over us with an iron fist waiting for us to mess up and call us screw-ups!

 He is walking right along side of us. He’s holding our hand, and helping us make it through life.

He’s our helper, our wise counselor!

And what ever happens in our lives, all the times we will mess up while thinking we aren’t good enough or this must not be Gods will. In return, wanting to give up and throw in the towel, waiting for everyone to judge us, and say..SEE? TOLD YA SO! You failure!

This is not what TRUE Christianity is about!

If we can remember one thing, it should be to LOVE others unconditionally. Which means: Not based on their performance. Not based on what they do for us, or the way they treat us. Not based of how they make us feel, or don’t make us feel.  Just loving people regardless, unconditionally and sacrificially! Precisely how Christ loves us.

Just imagine what obstacles we would be able to over come. Having no issues with anyone, having no stress, anxiety, or judgment. You would never be able to hold any resentment towards anyone, because you would already know that no one is perfect except the father, and we are all on our own individual journeys.  No two are alike. Yet we spend so much time and energy trying to measure up to everyone else’s expectation of us. It is so draining!

We try to be better, look the part, act a certain way..when it really is all meaningless. If we need help in a certain area, all we need to do is ask the Lord for specifics.  If we have trouble loving others, ASK Jesus to show us how to love others. Ask the Lord to help love others, and see others the way that he sees them…Ask the Lord to soften our heart towards all of man kind, even the people that are not in YOUR circle. Even the ones that you may silently think to yourself, you would never be able to possibly befriend, let alone LOVE them!

 Gods word speaks of love time and time again, and his word will not come up void…… 

REF.Isaiah 55:11,Mark 12:31,Luke 6:31,Luke 6:35,Romans 13:10,1 Corinthians Chapter 13


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