Corn Beef Hash verses' Corn Beef

I decided a few days ago that I was going to  surprise a friend (tomorrow) with one of her favorite casseroles. It was a casserole that I’ve never heard of, and maybe I’m the only one, because I mentioned it to two other friends earlier, and they both have heard of it.  *G* What is this mystery dish? Reuben Casserole!

SOMEONE Tell me that I’m not the only one who has never heard of Reuben Casserole before.  Back home (up North) we have the Reuben sandwich which is very popular, and I guess this is a sister to it perhaps.

My friend shared the recipe with me a few months ago, so it really is going to be a more ways then one too! You see, I went to the store tonight to get everything and found everything except the corn beef. I saw the little sticker to where it was, but they were all out. Must be popular! I asked an employee if corn beef hash is the same stuff because they had plenty of that. The guy said it was, so that is what I got.

I hopped online when I got  home and read that the only difference is that the hash, has bits of potatos in it. Ugh! Given the dish already has a starch in it, which is rice..I am really not sure, but need to have this ready by the morning so will have to just go with it, not say anything and see if my friend notices.  I’m so upset, but am trying to remain obtimistic. Who knows, maybe she’ll like it better! *fingers crossed*

I’ve never had corn beef or hash, I don’t think…so I wouldn’t know the difference. Evidently people eat hash with fried eggs a lot, from what I’ve read. Something else I have never heard of.

So I decided to Google Reuben Casserole with potatos, to see if there was a simular recipe and I did find one here. For anyone looking for something new to try. But the exact recipe that my friend goes by is this below, simular, but with rice instead of potatos, and has a couple other things in it.

So, if anyone is looking for something new to try! This is what I am making, but am using corn been hash, instead of plain corn beef.

Traditional REUBEN Casserole

5 Cups of cooked  rice cooked with 1 stick butter

after the rice is cooked, mix in the next two items.

8 oz(1 cup) of shredded swiss cheese
1 T fennel seed OR caraway seeds

NEXT: Press into sprayed 9 X 13 pan

16 oz cream cheese (softened) mix with 2 T prepared horse radish

Mix and smear onto the rice layer

1 can corned beef (broken up)

1 drained can of sauerkraut (sweet kraut)

8 oz(1 cup) of shredded swiss cheese

Bake at 350 for 30mins.

Let me know if anyone makes either one! I’ll probably post over the weekend how it goes tomorrow!!






3 thoughts on “Corn Beef Hash verses' Corn Beef

  1. Never heard of it!…and I’ve lived in the South my entire life.

    I like the hash, but don’t think I’ll try the casserole. lol Hope she enjoys! Awful nice of you to make it anyways. HAPPY EASTER!


  2. I’ve heard of Reuben Casserole but I’ve never had it. Somewhere around here I have a recipe for Reuben Pizza that I’ve never made.

    Can’t stand to even look at or smell corned beef hash but I love corned beef but I’ve never seen it in a can.

    I might try this since it doesn’t have thousand island dressing on it. I’m not sure about the horseradish though. I’m not much for that. I’ll have to let you know.


  3. Thanks Jenn, you too! The hash was ok, but not something I would be able to eat all the time. She ‘claimed’ to love

    E–I just Googled Reuben Pizza. Who knew! The horseradish smelled like cocktail sauce to me, I actually liked that part.


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