Week in Review!

It has been some crazy week here!  

Today was a bit better. Dh took the day off so we could do some fun stuff.  We were suppose to take the kids to a homeschool group up in Virginia, but DH didn’t feel like making the long drive. It is a couple hours away…then we were suppose to go to the movies, but nothing good was playing… Then we were going to go out to one of my favorite restaurants, The Olive Garden, but decided to go shopping instead.  :o)

 We hit this Awesome store called Chef Smart. It is  sort of like Costcos, but not as big and you do not need to have a membership there. They mainly sell to  restaurants, but anyone can shop there. Everything was so cheap. I’m actually considering not to get my Costcos membership  refilled. That would save a hundred dollars a year in membership fees.

Next we hit a store called World market. I have only been there a couple times in the past to browse. It’s set up by country. They have the Spain area that sells stuff from Spain. Then the Japan area, England area, Italy area,etc.. It is such a great place to find unique foods from other countries, as well as intricate items that you would not find elseware. I found some great espresso cups and some tea mugs. They also had a great variety of silk scaves, and market bags that I was oggling over!

After that, we went to Platos, which is the only place that I can find unique jewlery, which has become a hobby for me. I like things that are different and jewelry seems to be something that should not have to be expensive to have the ‘wow factor’ or whatever it is called.  I prefer silver and tribal-ethnic looks, which are actually pretty hard to find.  Platos seems to be a place that I find them, as well as on ebay from Tibet, or India. Such beautiful looks! Today I found an great necklace that reminds me of a sun dial, and it was only five dollars!! Yay!

Tomorrow morning  is my first Zumba class! I’ll have to blog about how that goes tomorrow evening!  How bad could it be, Right?

Sunday we are taking the kids to see Avalon in Concert. They saw Chris August and tenth Avenue North last week. They are crazy about concerts, and I’m thankful that they are enjoying such smart music..unlike my teenage concerts that included, Metallica, Ozzy, and Red Hot Chili Peppers!   OH, and I did see the Eagles live, but that is as wholesome/smart  as it got. *G* My mom use to go to Elvis Presley concerts & Stevie Nicks! Gosh I feel old!

I’ll be posting a grocery shopping blog up on Monday. I need to upload all the pics.

Have  A Great Weekend!


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