Today was the most relaxing day ever! Dh took all the kids this morning to a Christian concert at chruch and I got a chance to sleep in. I woke up at noon, swept and mopped the floors,had breakfast,watched the news,Googled a few things, and then they got back from the concert.

I had a late lunch all ready for them..Salmon burgers with swiss cheese,watermelon,grapes,salad and cheddar cheese bites. A very intresting combination, I know. But they enoyed it!

Then Dh went outside to do some outside stuff and the kids all went off to play..So I decided to go back to bed. I told Dh to wake me up no later then 4pm..But he didn’t, so I ended up waking up at nearly 5pm.  WOW! I am never going to get to sleep tonight…But I have 3 movies to watch so it will be fine.

I woke up and was ready to go out and do something fun, but it’s Sunday and everything closes I asked Dh if he wanted to go out for dinner, which he did. We went to this seafood place  that we normally only get take-out, but decided to dine-in this time. It was good! When we were checking out, the owner said, ” I just want you to know that you are young, and you should not wait to do things that you want to do baby-doll…Please do everything that you want to do, because you may not have tomorrow…..” Then a guy behind me tossed a ten dollar bill on the counter and she said, “what is this for?”, and he said whatever you need it is from God..She got teary eyed and thanked him, and then thanked us for dining there, reminding me to not wait to do things that I want to do.

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