REVIEW: Energy Boost + Sally Hansen Spray-On Shower-Off

I have two reviews to put up. One good, one bad one. I’ll start with the good one.

Swansons Energy Boost   And for only five dollars I’m so glad I added it to my vitamin order last month. It started working about 20mins after I took on the first day. It is time released, so it is not something you would want to take at noon, unless you want to be up till 2am.  I bought it for the days that my husband insists that I wake up early with him..

It is nothing like all the energy pills and drinks that are on the market. It is very natural and only has 75mg of caffeine in it, along with bee pollen, green tea, cacao, B-12 and ginseng. Today is a perfect example of how great this stuff really is….I had five hours of sleep last night! I woke  up and took one of these and have been going strong since. :o)

The next product that I tried  was Sally Hansens new Spray-On Shower-Off Hair  remover foam. I REALLY wanted to love this stuff! I wanted to be optimistic so badly, that I didn’t even Google any reviews for it.  I went straight out to CVS, and dropped 7 dollars for it on a whim.  *G*  The bottle is quite small, only 6oz, which means you will get about 2 shaves, at most from it. The directions say to spray your legs in the shower, wait 3 minutes and shower, letting the water rinse all the little hairs away. Nice concept, if it actually worked.

The bottle says it’s for coarse hard to remove hair, which I actually don’t have. But figured if it works well for thick coarse hair then it certainly will remove my thin hair. WRONG! I did the patch test first,  just like the bottle said. After 3 mins nothing, so I did a new patch and waited 5mins, still nothing..In small lettering it says that the maximum amount of time is 10mins… So I went full force and sprayed both legs,waiting the full 10mins. After about 7mins, my legs started getting warm. After 10mins they were burning, so I Immediately  turned on the shower to rinse them and noticed they were all red and rashy. I might have been able to grin and bare it, if   it removed any hair whatsoever, but it didn’t! Not even one tiny hair came off. I have no idea why. I have used Nair in the past and after 3mins, the hair  rinsed right off like magic. The only thing I never liked about Nair was the ASO.

So after flushing 7 bucks down the drain— Literetly. I will not be buying this again. :o(

 I went ahead and checked online for reviews after using it, and they sell it for a little over a dollar a bottle on Amazon. Figures! DH always tells me to use Amazon and I never do.  It got terrible reviews on Amazon, as well as on other peoples blogs. Most people say it did not work, and it burned them too!

 Oh, and there is a funny warning on the bottle that says, Not to be used on your head. Does this mean someone actually tried? lol

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