Wicked Indoor tanning lotion *Review*

Wicked indoor tanning lotion *Review*



Bottle Reads:

DermaDark Bronzing Blend infused with Annatto Oil: Special blend of potent bronzers with Annatto Oil, “the color of fire” for natural, dark, color that lasts up to 8 days. BioTanning Bronzer: Works synergistically with melanin for deeper, darker hues. Coffee Berry Extract: One of nature’s most potent antioxidants to help fight fine lines and wrinkles. Advanced Biosine Complex: Conditions and hydrates skin for maximum feel and color.
Fragrance: Erotic Island Grove
1.) The name of this lotion is pretty cool I think. The packaging is Unisex, seeing that it is mostly black.
2.) It went on as a lotion, not runny at all, in fact it was on the thicker side. A bit mositurizing, but not too much. It comes out a light tan color. Non staining, so the bronzers must be very light. There was no boost from the coffee
extract, not that I was expecting one.*G*
3.) It smelled sweet, but not over powering and by the time you are done tanning(9 mins) the scent was completly gone. There was no ATO which was a good thing. The bottle says that the color lasts 8 days. I simply do not know what that means. It was not a self tanner, and after using it for two days in a row, I really was not much darker at all. Maybe a shade. Maybe…
4.) I would not purchase this myself. Perhaps I am just too picky after using my PPT.
Retails for $67 at the salon but can be found for $27




Bottle reads:

~Bronzer/Caffeine/Creamy Oil~

Powerful tanning maximizes, 50x streak-free bronzers along with skin firming and toning complexes makes this one-of-a-kind tanning formula your true sole mate. Creamy oil blend is designed to provide your skin with a luminous, black/bronze glow upon application while leaving it seductively sheen and smelling fabulous.
Scent: Ladies Versace parfum.
1.) The name of this lotion is really not too bad. Nothing too catchy either, and I will probably not remember it next month. The packageing is ED Hardy 100%.

2.) As the rest,  it claims to have caffeine in it. I was not expectig it to work and I was not disappointed when it didn’t.

3.)It smelled terrible from the get go, and just got worst as hours past. It claims to smell like Ladies Versace parfume. It smells nothing like Versace parfum. I have smelled all the Versace parfums and none of them smell like this. To me it smelled like a really bad after tanning odor, which generally you get from using a less quality lotion that is not infused with any exotic oils. Don’t expect to smell good before Or after using this product. My advice, have a little of your own parfum handy to spray on before leaving the salon.:o)

4.)It comes out of the tube blackish brown. I was expecting this, because it says right on the front, Creamy Black Oil. It’s a deep bronzer with instant color so that is the cue.  It is some-what oilly. Not as oilly as baby oil but more runny then a lotion. This bronzer will stain your hands so make sure you have wipes in the room with you. Be careful to just wipe your palms though because you want the bronze color to be on the tops of your hands, just not on your palms! Be sure to blend this product well, otherwise you will streak most likely. I would not recommend this product for the beginner tanner. Also, you will want to have a good base tan first. Do not try to use this product if you are pale. This would be a tanning lotion that you would want to bring you to that next level of tanning, when tanning accelerators stop working, and you do not want to jump right into a tingle lotion.
*Tingle lotions are infused with cayanne pepper which increase blood flow at the skins surface. They are only for the advanced tanner. Many people use the B-vitamin Niacin, which taken 15-20 minutes before tanning, works like a tingle lotion.*
5.) That said, I actually really liked the end results that this product gave me and providing that I did not have to go anywhere but home afterwards, I would probably purchase this product myself. Sure, it takes a bit longer to apply and you will need to apply some parfume afterwards, wipe your hands, and be alert when using…All in all, it made me at least 3 shades darker.

It retails for $29.99 at salons and you can find it online for only $14.99

Little Bronze B!@tch indoor tanning lotion *Review*

Little Bronze B!@tch indoor tanning lotion


Bottle Reads:

Little Bronze B*tch by Designer Skin….It  is mixed with Green Coffee Extract that gives your skin a boost of caffeine and exotic fruit oils, keeping your skin soft, smooth and tight.
Great for beginning tanners.

Fragrance: Summer Passion Fruit
Retails for $52 or $24 online

 1.) I’m no prude, but I hate the name. I would never be able to see myself walking into the salon and asking for this lotion by name…Of course if the lotion is top notch and works well, then I would not discriminate due to the name. I know that it is what’s inside that counts.:o)

2.) It claims to have caffeine in it so I was expecting a boost. *I did not feel any different, and definetly did not get a boost.* sigh*

3.) It smelled sweet but not fruity, as the scent suggests. There was  no after tan odor, which is always good. It was a light pinkish color when applied.

4.) As with Hot Mess, it was very moisturing and went on real smooth. Not oily, or greasy.

5.)Packaging is just Ok to me. Nothing really eye catchy.

6.) It did make me a shade or two darker. I will have to wait till morning to see for sure. I do see a difference though.

Would I buy it myself? Probably not. I didn’t love it that much.

I’m still a loyal fan to Pineapple Pink-Tini..which I will also be reviewing,  if I haven’t already done so in the past. It is my all time favorite, thus far.

**I will reviewing (Wicked) and (Bad Romance) over the weekend.** Who thinks of these names, right? *grin* I also was just given a sample of Stylistic tanning lotion that I will be reviewing, and seems promising.





I was given several free samples of lotions to try recently and wanted to review each of them here. The first one that I tried was  ‘Hot Mess’ by: Devoted Creations

Low DHA bronzer with an anti-reddening formula.
Natural vitamins and essential nutrients.
Hydrates and moisturizes.
Provides anti-aging and skin firming benefits.
Sweet Sugar fragrance.
Blended with multiple accelerators that work to target melanin production and achieve fast, dark tanning results.
Blended with Caffeine and Green Tea Stimulators to energize, firm and tighten.
Formulated with Lychee Fruit, natural vitamins and essential oils to help firm and tighten the skin, while revitalizing and detoxifying.
Combines low levels of DHA with natural bronzers, including banana fruit extracts to achieve the perfect bronzed color.
Contains Matrixyl which is a targeted anti-aging complex that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for long-lasting results.
Blended with caffeine and green tea stimulators, Lychee Fruit, natural vitamins and essential oils.
It is a light bronzer that combines low levels of DHA with natural bronzers, including banana fruit extracts to help you achieve bronzed perfection!


 That claimes an awful lot so I was expecting an awful lot, But…I do not feel that it delivered much. That said, the bottle is VERY girlish, and pretty, and is probably why it sells so well. Kudos to whoever designed the bottle! :o)

1.) Yes, it was hydrating and very moisturizing. It went on well and was not oily, or sticky. *This is a good thing*

2.)It smelled just ‘alright’ I found it to smell like a sweet cocoa butter. It was a light tan color when applied.

3.) Bottle says that there is caffeine and green tea stimulators in it, so I was  expecting a bit of a boost, given it was 6pm when I used it. But nope, didn’t feel any more energetic then I normally do.

4.)Bottle says it has a light bronzer in it.
It must be a VERY light bronzer because as you know, with most bronzer lotions, you need to wash your hands right away. My salon was out of wipes so I did not wash my hands right away, and an hour later I had no brown palms. My hands were very soft and moiturized though.  There was only a slight after tan odor.

5.) Even after waiting a full 24 hours, which is generally suggested, I did not see a difference in my color what- so- ever. Which is the whole point of using a lotion.

****All in all, I would probably not purchase this lotion myself. If I need a good moisturizer, I would stick with my coconut oil, or straight up cocoa butter.


This product retails for $64 in salons or $26.45 online.



Tanning Beds


For years people have been told tanning is bad for you….Stay out of the sun! Wear sun screen 24/7…. There are so many rumors and myths that have been spread around about tanning, in any form. My question is, why did people in bible days live so long and they were out in the sun almost non stop? Regardless….

You are in charge of your own health and it is up to you to decide which is best for you. If you burn very easily and skin cancer runs in your family, then you probably do not want to start tanning, or if you do tan, limit it to only several times a month.


What is tanning? 

Tanning is the process of darkening the skin through the use of ultraviolet (UV) light which can be obtained from tanning beds or naturally outdoors. For whatever reason, people exclude outdoor tanning from the fear they have of the process. The truth of the matter is that tanning can be dangerous if you overdo it.


The absorption of UV light is actually moderately good for you. It provides and promotes extra vitamin D production which is great. Problems arise when you start tanning too much. Excessive exposure to UV light makes you more prone to certain health risks such as skin cancer. But, if you follow the general guidelines of safe tanning you don’t have much to worry about.


For the next few days I will be reviewing several indoor tanning lotions that I was given to try for free. I will be 100% honest in my reviews. As with any beauty product, each person may have different results. I will be posting about MY results..Yours may be different.

 :o) I like the stand up tanning beds that my salon offers the best. They only run for 8 minutes.






I really do not mean to be abandoning this blog. Facebook has a tendency of doing that to us  bloggers. *sigh* I started Blogging back in the beginning of 2007. I did not have Facebook back then. Nowadays, I chat with all my friends on facebook or do notes, therefore my blog has taken a back burner. I have decided to do a mini/recap update though….and am going to get back into the swing of things. Afterall, I like to have a place that I can reflect, and look back on the years events. THAT can only be done on a blog.


1. I took a solo trip to Florida last month to see my father and some other family members whom I haven’t seen in ages. It went well, yet made me some what home sick for the city life. I loved the fact that I could just walk where ever I wanted. I loved the friendliness of the people too.

2. I have also realized that having unstable/religious people in your life DOES affect you. And the whole  saying, “CHOOSE HAPPINESS” is nothing more then an illusion. YOU can not choose to be happy any more then being able to choose to LOVE, or choose to see an apple, as a pear. You can try to convince yourself otherwise but in the end….it is nothing more then an illusion.

3. I am also 100% certain that I am not a farmer girl and do not wish to ever be seen as one. I tried to be one….and it was just like someone who loves the way a pretty pair of stiletto heels looks on their best friend, yet realizes, that if you were to buy them for yourself , they would NEVER be a good fit! So I am thankful that I do not have a closet full of stiletto heels in my closet anymore…(I’m not actually talking about heels here, but farm animals.) And we do still have one that a buyer changed her mind about. *sigh* I relaly do not want farm animals..In fact I would much rather have more babies…if I had to choose!!


4.There is much more I can add, but will choose to remain silent… for the Lord knows the road ahead of me….&  for now, I will trust in him…AMEN!