I really do not mean to be abandoning this blog. Facebook has a tendency of doing that to us  bloggers. *sigh* I started Blogging back in the beginning of 2007. I did not have Facebook back then. Nowadays, I chat with all my friends on facebook or do notes, therefore my blog has taken a back burner. I have decided to do a mini/recap update though….and am going to get back into the swing of things. Afterall, I like to have a place that I can reflect, and look back on the years events. THAT can only be done on a blog.


1. I took a solo trip to Florida last month to see my father and some other family members whom I haven’t seen in ages. It went well, yet made me some what home sick for the city life. I loved the fact that I could just walk where ever I wanted. I loved the friendliness of the people too.

2. I have also realized that having unstable/religious people in your life DOES affect you. And the whole  saying, “CHOOSE HAPPINESS” is nothing more then an illusion. YOU can not choose to be happy any more then being able to choose to LOVE, or choose to see an apple, as a pear. You can try to convince yourself otherwise but in the end….it is nothing more then an illusion.

3. I am also 100% certain that I am not a farmer girl and do not wish to ever be seen as one. I tried to be one….and it was just like someone who loves the way a pretty pair of stiletto heels looks on their best friend, yet realizes, that if you were to buy them for yourself , they would NEVER be a good fit! So I am thankful that I do not have a closet full of stiletto heels in my closet anymore…(I’m not actually talking about heels here, but farm animals.) And we do still have one that a buyer changed her mind about. *sigh* I relaly do not want farm animals..In fact I would much rather have more babies…if I had to choose!!


4.There is much more I can add, but will choose to remain silent… for the Lord knows the road ahead of me….&  for now, I will trust in him…AMEN!



One thought on “Life!

  1. I feel like I’ve abandoned my blogs for Facebook as well. Once I post something there (or just spend an hour reading everyone elses’ posts), I just don’t have it in me to spend another minute sitting here writing my thoughts. 1.I’m glad you were able to see people. It’s nice to be able to connect in a “free” way–not having the husband and children to focus on as well as those you have missed. That can come later. 2. Isn’t that the truth. You don’t choose to be happy; you choose to accept what God has given you today and let Him be the author of happiness. Sometimes Jesus was sad and sometimes He was angry so I think it’s part of God’s plan for us to be sad and angry too. An example would be that I accept that people I love have died but I’m not happy about it. Sometimes I’m even angry about it–but I accept it. 3. And I’m 100% certain that I’d never make it in a city. I need wide open spaces and no people around. I’m also thankful for my two or three pair of stiletto heels. lol (Real ones and not farm animals though those have come in handy too.) 4. There’s always more we can add–but then we’d never post anything.


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