I was given several free samples of lotions to try recently and wanted to review each of them here. The first one that I tried was  ‘Hot Mess’ by: Devoted Creations

Low DHA bronzer with an anti-reddening formula.
Natural vitamins and essential nutrients.
Hydrates and moisturizes.
Provides anti-aging and skin firming benefits.
Sweet Sugar fragrance.
Blended with multiple accelerators that work to target melanin production and achieve fast, dark tanning results.
Blended with Caffeine and Green Tea Stimulators to energize, firm and tighten.
Formulated with Lychee Fruit, natural vitamins and essential oils to help firm and tighten the skin, while revitalizing and detoxifying.
Combines low levels of DHA with natural bronzers, including banana fruit extracts to achieve the perfect bronzed color.
Contains Matrixyl which is a targeted anti-aging complex that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for long-lasting results.
Blended with caffeine and green tea stimulators, Lychee Fruit, natural vitamins and essential oils.
It is a light bronzer that combines low levels of DHA with natural bronzers, including banana fruit extracts to help you achieve bronzed perfection!


 That claimes an awful lot so I was expecting an awful lot, But…I do not feel that it delivered much. That said, the bottle is VERY girlish, and pretty, and is probably why it sells so well. Kudos to whoever designed the bottle! :o)

1.) Yes, it was hydrating and very moisturizing. It went on well and was not oily, or sticky. *This is a good thing*

2.)It smelled just ‘alright’ I found it to smell like a sweet cocoa butter. It was a light tan color when applied.

3.) Bottle says that there is caffeine and green tea stimulators in it, so I was  expecting a bit of a boost, given it was 6pm when I used it. But nope, didn’t feel any more energetic then I normally do.

4.)Bottle says it has a light bronzer in it.
It must be a VERY light bronzer because as you know, with most bronzer lotions, you need to wash your hands right away. My salon was out of wipes so I did not wash my hands right away, and an hour later I had no brown palms. My hands were very soft and moiturized though.  There was only a slight after tan odor.

5.) Even after waiting a full 24 hours, which is generally suggested, I did not see a difference in my color what- so- ever. Which is the whole point of using a lotion.

****All in all, I would probably not purchase this lotion myself. If I need a good moisturizer, I would stick with my coconut oil, or straight up cocoa butter.


This product retails for $64 in salons or $26.45 online.




2 thoughts on “HOT MESS INDOOR TANNING LOTION *Review*

  1. I’m afraid this is considered a cheaper bottle of indoor tanning lotion. I would love to try one called 24k, but it retails for $100..They go all the way up to $200 for the top of the line lotions that contain emu/argan oils, and the alike. You get 8-11oz per bottle. One bottle lasts a month. What a bussiness huh? I’m actually getting ready to write a review for the one I tried
    today…and I am darker! *G*


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