Little Bronze B!@tch indoor tanning lotion *Review*

Little Bronze B!@tch indoor tanning lotion


Bottle Reads:

Little Bronze B*tch by Designer Skin….It  is mixed with Green Coffee Extract that gives your skin a boost of caffeine and exotic fruit oils, keeping your skin soft, smooth and tight.
Great for beginning tanners.

Fragrance: Summer Passion Fruit
Retails for $52 or $24 online

 1.) I’m no prude, but I hate the name. I would never be able to see myself walking into the salon and asking for this lotion by name…Of course if the lotion is top notch and works well, then I would not discriminate due to the name. I know that it is what’s inside that counts.:o)

2.) It claims to have caffeine in it so I was expecting a boost. *I did not feel any different, and definetly did not get a boost.* sigh*

3.) It smelled sweet but not fruity, as the scent suggests. There was  no after tan odor, which is always good. It was a light pinkish color when applied.

4.) As with Hot Mess, it was very moisturing and went on real smooth. Not oily, or greasy.

5.)Packaging is just Ok to me. Nothing really eye catchy.

6.) It did make me a shade or two darker. I will have to wait till morning to see for sure. I do see a difference though.

Would I buy it myself? Probably not. I didn’t love it that much.

I’m still a loyal fan to Pineapple Pink-Tini..which I will also be reviewing,  if I haven’t already done so in the past. It is my all time favorite, thus far.

**I will reviewing (Wicked) and (Bad Romance) over the weekend.** Who thinks of these names, right? *grin* I also was just given a sample of Stylistic tanning lotion that I will be reviewing, and seems promising.


2 thoughts on “Little Bronze B!@tch indoor tanning lotion *Review*

  1. Interesting that the price is that high on a product with names like these. I wonder about names of products a lot. (I know–OCD or something.) I actually like this name better than Hot Mess. That one just sounds….messy. I don’t know about Wicked but Bad Romance sounds like a reason to tan to me.


  2. “Love is a force more formidable than any other. It is invisible – it cannot be seen or measured, yet it is powerful enough to transform you in a moment, and offer you more joy than any material possession could.” ~ Barbara de Angelis


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