Bottle reads:

~Bronzer/Caffeine/Creamy Oil~

Powerful tanning maximizes, 50x streak-free bronzers along with skin firming and toning complexes makes this one-of-a-kind tanning formula your true sole mate. Creamy oil blend is designed to provide your skin with a luminous, black/bronze glow upon application while leaving it seductively sheen and smelling fabulous.
Scent: Ladies Versace parfum.
1.) The name of this lotion is really not too bad. Nothing too catchy either, and I will probably not remember it next month. The packageing is ED Hardy 100%.

2.) As the rest,  it claims to have caffeine in it. I was not expectig it to work and I was not disappointed when it didn’t.

3.)It smelled terrible from the get go, and just got worst as hours past. It claims to smell like Ladies Versace parfume. It smells nothing like Versace parfum. I have smelled all the Versace parfums and none of them smell like this. To me it smelled like a really bad after tanning odor, which generally you get from using a less quality lotion that is not infused with any exotic oils. Don’t expect to smell good before Or after using this product. My advice, have a little of your own parfum handy to spray on before leaving the salon.:o)

4.)It comes out of the tube blackish brown. I was expecting this, because it says right on the front, Creamy Black Oil. It’s a deep bronzer with instant color so that is the cue.  It is some-what oilly. Not as oilly as baby oil but more runny then a lotion. This bronzer will stain your hands so make sure you have wipes in the room with you. Be careful to just wipe your palms though because you want the bronze color to be on the tops of your hands, just not on your palms! Be sure to blend this product well, otherwise you will streak most likely. I would not recommend this product for the beginner tanner. Also, you will want to have a good base tan first. Do not try to use this product if you are pale. This would be a tanning lotion that you would want to bring you to that next level of tanning, when tanning accelerators stop working, and you do not want to jump right into a tingle lotion.
*Tingle lotions are infused with cayanne pepper which increase blood flow at the skins surface. They are only for the advanced tanner. Many people use the B-vitamin Niacin, which taken 15-20 minutes before tanning, works like a tingle lotion.*
5.) That said, I actually really liked the end results that this product gave me and providing that I did not have to go anywhere but home afterwards, I would probably purchase this product myself. Sure, it takes a bit longer to apply and you will need to apply some parfume afterwards, wipe your hands, and be alert when using…All in all, it made me at least 3 shades darker.

It retails for $29.99 at salons and you can find it online for only $14.99


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