Wicked Indoor tanning lotion *Review*

Wicked indoor tanning lotion *Review*



Bottle Reads:

DermaDark Bronzing Blend infused with Annatto Oil: Special blend of potent bronzers with Annatto Oil, “the color of fire” for natural, dark, color that lasts up to 8 days. BioTanning Bronzer: Works synergistically with melanin for deeper, darker hues. Coffee Berry Extract: One of nature’s most potent antioxidants to help fight fine lines and wrinkles. Advanced Biosine Complex: Conditions and hydrates skin for maximum feel and color.
Fragrance: Erotic Island Grove
1.) The name of this lotion is pretty cool I think. The packaging is Unisex, seeing that it is mostly black.
2.) It went on as a lotion, not runny at all, in fact it was on the thicker side. A bit mositurizing, but not too much. It comes out a light tan color. Non staining, so the bronzers must be very light. There was no boost from the coffee
extract, not that I was expecting one.*G*
3.) It smelled sweet, but not over powering and by the time you are done tanning(9 mins) the scent was completly gone. There was no ATO which was a good thing. The bottle says that the color lasts 8 days. I simply do not know what that means. It was not a self tanner, and after using it for two days in a row, I really was not much darker at all. Maybe a shade. Maybe…
4.) I would not purchase this myself. Perhaps I am just too picky after using my PPT.
Retails for $67 at the salon but can be found for $27

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