American Holidays cause division among Believers….

 Halloween is over, now back to Unity & Peace once more…It really saddend my heart  having seen so much division on Face-book over this Holiday amoung the brethren….A Holiday that represents its roots in Paganism, However many other Holidays do too. Why waste so much time and energy bashing others? Who was that edifing? Christ?

 And given that none of us is ‘really’ consistent with banning ALL Holidays, how  hypocritical to make so much hype towards one, and not all the others?  And while so many folks spent so much time quoting the book of Deuternomy….they overlook James 2:10 entirely!

For the person who keeps all of the laws except one is as guilty as a person who has broken all of God’s laws. James 2:10

There is non rightous, no not one…Romans 3:10

You are never going to keep all of Gods laws. And if you are picking and choosing which ones to stand firm on and which ones do are not conveient for you to keep..YOU are guilty of ALL!!  Praise the Lord for his Mercy & Grace! Because Jesus already knew that we would never make the mark…which is why we drop to our knees daily and call upon him to began with. AMEN!

It really is silly to try to  ‘Act the part’ with one group of friends, and not the other. It is silly to boycott the Holidays & trimmings at home, yet not in the workforce. Didn’t Jesus say, Have our yes be yes, and our no be no? Matthew 5:37


 I understand that we are ALL imperfect and fall short every single day. I fail daily, but get right back up again…Amen!   THIS is who we are on this side of heaven!  It’s not our place to dictate our personal convictions on others, or make them feel ‘less then’ for not sharing our ‘personal convictions’.   

I have had a couple friends ask me why I’m so passionate about this, when I myself, do not take my kids Trick or Treating/Trunk or Treating? Why am I fighting or so it seems, to them…..(I am fighting for Unity,Peace and Love amoung the body of Christ.) I am hopeful that once we realize how pointless our bitter words are amoung one another, and unglorifing they are to everyone around us…Only then,  can we  bring TRUE wholesome Glory to Christ! Amen!

  It is a matter of condemnation. NOT compromise, which is how many churches have indoctrined us to believe.  Messiah works through us through the Holy Spirit, therefore, it is not anyone’s place to STEAL Gods Glory away from him.  It is NOT my place to tell another, that they are partaking in ‘Satan’s Day’ by taking their kids Trick or Treating. In fact the whole concept of calling it ‘Satan’s Day’ is quite humorous, frankly. I mean, isn’t every day the Lords Day among the body? How many days do evil things happen (CLUE: Every single day!) and we are not  giving them all titles. It’s truly ridiculous. Something I never fully comprehended until recently.


There are Christians who partake in Christmas, but not Halloween..when is ‘reality’ Christmas really isn’t about Christ at all..At least not the 25th Christmas, that we all celebrate and go crazy over. Like Halloween, It is a useless battle…. So much  division that our ‘American Christmas’ brings us all. *sigh*


 We have the non-believers who have been thriving for the ‘Happy Holidays’ phrase, and we have the Believers fighting for the ‘Merry CHRIST-mas’ phrase…When in real, actual, reality…..Does Jesus really care which phrase is being used? NO WAY!! What probably saddens him most, is the LACK of unity and division that these ‘American Holidays’ brings to the brethren. Satan loves this!  In fact the more we battle against one another…Who is the one getting the Glory! ^^


 When is it going to stop? :o(  I know, it probably won’t!


 I for one do not plan on boycotting stores that use the ‘Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings’ phrase, anymore then I would boycott the stores that stand firm on saying ‘Merry Christmas’ to their customers. Anymore then I would Boycott a store due to the owner being a homosexual.



After Christmas we will have Valentines Day to look forward to, and then Easter…And all the self righteous hypocrisy that comes along with those Holidays…..Who is giving their kids hearts with cupid on the boxes and passing out cards…Then Easter with the bunny and coloring of eggs, verses the Religious aspect of it…


I could go on and mention how anal Christian alternatives are, and how confusing they are for your kids, but this post is more about letting your Yes be Yes, and your No be No…. If I am partaking in a trunk or treat church event with my kids, then i might as well take them trick or treating the ‘old fashion way’.  If I’m letting them dress up as ‘fictional characters’ then I might as well let them dress up anyway they choose, which would include a scary ‘make believe’ costume. Doing otherwise, is teaching them that there are more ‘forbidden fruits’ in this world then not. It also teaches them how to be a modern day Pharisee.  But that is not the point…Or is it?





4 thoughts on “American Holidays cause division among Believers….

  1. Wonderful way of putting it. I’m sorry for the disunity I saw on your Facebook wall. It was sad, really.

    A friend of mine had her baby on Halloween several years ago and was praying as she labored NOT to have her daughter on Halloween. During the labor, God spoke to her and said, “this is MY day too.”

    Growing up even when I went to legalistic churches, they created spook houses not with the idea of “celebrating Satan’s day” but in order to pull in youth for an event so that they could share the Word of God and the Love of Christ with them. Or as one pastor once put it–if Satan can steal Christmas and Easter, why can’t I use Halloween for God?

    Yes, we are losing our unity. We need to stop focusing on the speck in each our brothers eye and come together for the Kingdom. Eternity of many depends on it.


  2. Oh, one more thing I forgot–on Happy Holidays: the word holiday is actually mispronounced. It’s a contraction of the words holy and day. A holiday is actually a holy day and probably reflects on the sabbath and the feasts God set up. So, saying Happy Holidays isn’t denying anything. There are quite a lot of holy days between now and January: Thanksgiving and Hanukkah (which Jesus may well have celebrated) as well as Christmas. And those are just the ones on the American calendars.


  3. I never knew that about the the word Holiday.Very neat! I’ll have to teach the kids this now and find some more info online to turn it into a fun little study.
    It is a headache to have to deal with this lack of love every single year. I am trying to recall which year it all started because I do not ever these things being an issue in school. I only remember one Jewish boy in High School who would never partake in any of the Holidays, so I asked him one day about it,having never knew what it actually meant to be Jewsih. (I must have lived in a cave too.*G*) He explained and never once did he bash anyone else who did partake in them.

    Regarding being born on Halloween. My daughter who is on her own journey still makes remarks how she is happy that I waited 8 hours after the 31rst was over to have her! lol I do tell them all that everyday is the Lords Day that he made all the days….Oh well!


  4. You’re right. It’s her journey.

    I know I was raised in a cave. In 6th grade we had a first year teacher who asked if any of us weren’t suppose to say the Pledge of Allegiance. We all looked at him like he had grown an extra nose. Little did we know we had always had Jehovah’s Witnesses in our midst. I didn’t find that out until high school and I even stayed overnight with one of them. Then my junior year in high school, one of the boys talked about spending Christmas break sailing with his father in Hawaii–not his family, just his father. Years later when his father died, I realized they were Jewish. Duh! It wasn’t a holiday to him–just a break from school. Hanukkah was probably already over that year.


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