Weird ongoing Dream


My family, minis my two oldest daughters are driving down this old country road. (It is a road that I have been on before  IRL,where I visited a old red brick school that was converted into this guys house. He had a ongoing yard sale in it.) Anyways, in my dream we passed this school, As we were driving we then passed a old metal building with no windows, one door(which was yellow) and in big red letters it said THRIFT & FURNITURE. As we drove by it, my 7year old said that she needed to go to the bathroom…Then my 4 & 8yr olds also commented that they also had to go potty. I asked my husband to turn around and we would stop at the metal building to see if they had a public bathroom for the kids to use. Upset, at having to turn around, he did. As we pulled into the abandoned parking lot I suddenly had a bad feeling about taking them inside. I asked DH to come inside with us, but he didn’t want to and said he would wait in the car. The kids unbuckled and we headed toward the yellow door. Again, I had a bad feeling about going in and was going to turn around, but the kids started saying how bad they had to go, so I opened the door and we went in. There was a black wrought iron bench at the entrance and my son told me as soon as we entered that he changed his mind, and he wanted to go back out to the car. I told him NO! That if he didn’t have to go, then he would have to wait on the bench while I took his two sisters to the bathroom. (In my dream I left him on the bench. Something I would have never done IRL.) I began to walk further into the store and noticed all the furniture lined up. I texted DH to come inside because they had a lot of nice furniture for good prices. He texted me back that he was fine in the car, and to hurry up!

 I was then approached by an older couple dressed in denim overalls and beat up plaid shirts, who told me that this was their store and for me to come with them to take a look at a recent shipment that they just got in. I told them that I would love too, but my girls had to use the bathroom and do they happen to have a public restroom. They both said to follow them to the back, and down the hallway is the bathroom. I turned around and motioned for my son to stay put on the bench, and headed to the back of the store following them. As we were walking, the old lady commented to me how beautiful my kids were, and before I could say anything, the man turned around and pushed me to the floor and grabbed both of my daughters!! The old lady took out a gun and pointed it at me and told me to stay put and shut up. She grabbed my purse and through it! I started crying, and she told me to shut up again. After the man disappeared with my daughters to a back room, she told me to get up and follow her to another room..As she grabbed onto my sleeve, I realized that I had my cell phone still hooked onto my skirt and started praying that she would not notice…She opened a door in the back of the store and shoved me in! I waited a few minutes and texted DH, but he never texted me back…

I then panicked, and texted a local friend…he texted me back asking me where I was, but I couldn’t tell him because I didn’t know.

Hours went by, or so it seemed, and I heard a whole bunch of kids screaming for their parents in the back ground!!

(The dream changed then, and I was looking down from the sky! I don’t know if I was dead or what, but I was looking in on the situation, and saw my son still sitting on the iron bench in front of the store…I saw my daughters in the room with a whole bunch of other kids crying..I saw my husband in the car in the parking lot on his cell phone, and I saw my friends red truck parked on the side of the metal building and he was inside the store shooting the old couple!)


I told my friend about this dream that keeps haunting me and this was the response:

 I would say for them to stay away from rednecks!

-Cars represent ministry.

-Guns reps harmful words etc. Is her husband  close to someones ministry and is cutting it down with critism or his words even though there is fruit? OR is he protecting the fruit of someone elses ministry that shouldn’t be?

 I will keep you in prayer.



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