I have five kids at home, four girls and one boy. Yesterday we were getting ready to leave in a hurry, when my daughters came to me and complained that they have no socks to wear. Hm, I started thinking about how I cleaned my two youngest daughters dresser out a few months ago and matched up all 17 pairs of their socks. I asked them both if they looked in their third drawer.

They replied, Yes, it’s empty. WHAT? Empty?  Where did they go?

 All the laundry was clean, and up until now weather hasn’t warrented socks.

Where did the socks go? They didn’t know! Neither did I.

 SO they did the only logical thing, in their own minds, that is……THEY ran to their brothers room and borrowed a pair of his.


My two oldest daughters asked  if I had any socks they can borrow? I told them that I only have two pairs of socks to my name, and whenever I have lent socks out in the past, I’ve never gotten them back, so the answer would be NO!

I then thought of the thirty dollars I spent LAST Christmas on pretty socks for each of them. I asked them both what happened to their socks. They both replied in unison, “that was LAST Christmas mom!” I say, “yeah?” One of the two pairs of socks that I have I recieved as a Birthday gift when I was sixteen!! So?

What is it with kids socks?

I know having five kids, which means lots of sock to keep track of….but how do they get lost? The house is not that big!  They are not bringing their socks anywhere and leaving them behind!

Where exactly are all these socks going?

 Behind the washer and dryer? Checked! Nope!

I told them that they needed to go find some socks ASAP, or we wern’t leaving the house.

So they also did the only logical thing, they went to their brothers room..

Thankfully, he has big feet!



3 thoughts on “Socks

  1. Really? The don’t have any socks? Maybe they all land at my house. I have socks everywhere that no one will (a) claim or (b) put away. Actually I think most of them belong to my husband but who can be sure?

    I can’t stand socks. I just wish I could find a way for them to vanish into their “clean” home and not clutter up my house.


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