Survival Quiz



1.) If lost in the wilderness, what is the first thing you should do?

1.Find water.
2.Make signal fire.
3.Sit down and relax.
4.Yell for help.
5.Find shelter.



2.)What is the best survival tip you can get? 
1.Collect bird eggs for food.
2.Build a hut for shelter.
3.Always have a folding knife.
4.Use a mirror to signal for help.
5.Remain calm and not panic.



3.)Three symptoms of mild hypothermia

2.muddled thinking
4.fumbling hands & poor coordination



4.)What is the most certain way to make sure suspect water is pure and safely disinfected? 
1.put in some pine needles it down 

5.)For the most part, lost people are rescued within 72-hours.

What are the three most important priorities in a survival situation? 
  4.Positive attitude


6.)When picking a survival shelter site make sure it is… (mark all that apply: 
  1.Close to water.
  2.A dry and well drained place.
  3.On a dry riverbed.
  4.Where it easily can been seen.
  5.On low ground such as ravines and narrow valleys.
7.) In general what is the most important survival tool you have? kit
  3.first aid kit
  4.waterproof matches 
  5.flint striker

7.) Best *3* Survival Foods  
  1.Fish found in freshwater. 
  2.Bird eggs. 
  3.Most insects are edible raw.

4.All plants that have a milky sap or white berries.


8.)When searching for survival food, which method is less recommended? Remember..You have no special equipment only a knife. 
  2.finding wild edible plants
  3.collecting bird eggs

9.)Anyone practicing first aid must determine priorities of treatment. What’s the 1rst priority if you found someone lying injured on the ground. 
  1.Start chest compressions.
  2.Check that the airway is open.
  3.Place the person in the recovery position.
  4.Stop any bleeding.
  5.Keep the person warm

10.)If lost, why should you stay in one place and wait it out? – mark all that apply: 
  1.If you told someone, people are probably looking for you.
  2.From experience, wandering around just makes things go further wrong.
  3.Lost people have a tendency to walk in circles.
  4.Don’t stay more then 6 hours waiting for a rescue team.
  5.If you begin running around trying to find out where you are, especially in the dark, you risk falling or injuring yourself.

11.)How much water should the average adult drink per day? 
  1.)1 – 2 Gallon ( 4 – 8 Liter )
  2.)1 – 2 Quart (1 – 2 Liter )
  3).More then 2 Gallon ( 8 Liter )
  4.)Less then 1 Quart ( 1 Liter )
  5.)0.5 – 1 Gallon ( 2 – 4 Liter

12.)Finding direction by the sun – mark all that apply : 
  1.The sun rises in the east and sets in the west – roughly speaking.
  2.At noon (correct for Daylight Saving Time) the sun is either true south or north.
   3.Using a pocket watch to find direction is an accurate method.
  4.Shadows are shorter in the winter than in the summer.
  5.The sun reaches its highest point at noon (correct for Daylight Saving Time).


13.)If you are forced to spend the night outside in harsh and unpredictable weather – what is the first thing you should do?  
 1.find water
  2.check your survival kit some food
  4.find or build a shelter
  5.start a fire
 Will post Answers next week! :o)


3 thoughts on “Survival Quiz

  1. Okay, let’s see:
    1. The answers that should be the most obvious are 1 and 5 but it’s probably 3 because if you’re lost and go looking for something, you’ll probably just get more lost. You should sit down and rest because you may think clearer and get your bearings or someone may find you.
    2. That would be 5 because panic is always a mind killer though it’s tempting to go with 2 or 3.
    3. That would be 1,2, and 4 though 3 will be in there next. The body conserves heat by pulling it into the internal organs and makes heat by shivering.
    4. Definitely 3 though 4 and 5 are good. Most people won’t have 4 and 5 is marginally safe.
    5. Definitely 1, 4 and 5 but not in the order of 4,1 and 5.
    6. That would always be 1,2 and 4 and NEVER 3 or 5. Those can be deadly.
    7. 1,2,3 only. 4 will kill you.
    8. 2 because most people have no clue what’s edible. 5 would be really hard to do but could be done with a knife.
    9. Well, first would be to make sure the scene is safe so what happened to them won’t happen to you. Then see if 2 or 4 are needed. If so, 2 first then 4. If not, then 5. 1 and 3 are considered only if 2 or 4 are needed.
    10. 1,2,3 and 5. It’s possible that 4 would also be an option but only in certain circumstances and only if you leave indication of your direction.
    11. 2 but in the wilderness that will probably increase to 5 due to many factors such as sweat, heat, dry cold or altitude.
    12. 1 and 5. 2 works to a point. 3 is completely useless and 4 is backwards.
    13. Always 4 followed by 1 and 5. If you haven’t done 2 already, you shouldn’t be out there. 3 should be last and done conservatively. You may be there a while.


  2. I will post the answers tonight. Sorry it has taken so long, for those who have been checking. I’ve been working on a bunch of new blogs that I was going to set up to list each day for the past week, but have decided to just go ahead and list them all at once.:o)


  3. Answers!!! :o)
    1.(3)Sit down and relax, collect your thoughts.
    2.(5)Remain calm and not to panic.
    3.(1,2 and 4)
    6.(2,4)On ground that is dry and well drained and On a dry riverbed.
    9.(5) Hunting
    10.(2)Check that the airway is open.
    12.(5)0.5 – 1 Gallon ( 2 – 4 Liter )

    **Ehart you did better then I did…You only got 2 wrong I believe.) When I first took it, I got 5 wrong!


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