I have been wondering for years what ‘PS’ stood for. I don’t know why I’ve never Googled it before, but I haven’t. Today it popped in my mind, and since I use it in nearly every email, I decided to go ahead and Google it. So here it is folks..The meaning of P.S. *Drum Roll*




Basically, it’s used if you have written something and then decided to add something else. I’m really not sure why you need to use it at all,  why not just add another sentence or two, or add an ALSO—blah,blah..

Then again, I’m horrid at proper English, and mostly write like I type. A major English Foe….


I also didn’t know what RSVP stood for.


I found out it stands for “Répondez s’il vous plaît”.

It’s French for “have the courtesy to let me know if you’re coming or not.”


PS-Did anyone else not know what it stood for? lol


Oh, and  regarding PPS, You would use PPS if you wanted to add one more sentence.

I always thought it was PSS, but it’s not. :o)

One thought on “PS & RSVP

  1. I think PS started back in the old days when you had already signed your name and then remembered something. At least that’s what Grandma always told me. And, yes, I knew what they stood for because she told me when I was little. I also knew PPS.


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