I deactivated my facebook account a week ago. I’m not sure if I will be reactivating it next year. I had a few friends who called me up the morning I deactivated it, and told me that they look forward each morning reading over my inspirational quotes, and were upset that I deactivated my account. Who knew?

I thought it was interesting to note, that  the people who don’t always comment on your FB, blog, or other wise..are the very people that you make the most impact on, and/or inspire.

It was something that I had been thinking about doing for a while. Personal reasons, in which I don’t care to make public at this time. Things are not alwasy as the seem though..

Very few of my friends know that I blog, and I like it that way. Not having FB anymore allows me more time to blog. :o)

There were times that I announced a particular blog on my facebook that I had written, but I always set it up for only a certain group to know about it.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a enjoyable Christmas and New Years, and stays safe! ❤

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