Working Out & Weight Loss Goals

I’m down another 8lbs from November 1rst. Yay! My ‘yearly 2011’ goal was 50lbs..But I don’t think I am going to make it. So far I’ve loss only 37 this year. Still very proud of myself, as it feels great to basically  be out of plus size clothing.

 It actually feels rather weird, sort of like I’ve loss some of myself, which I have.  It’s hard to explain. 

 I have 2 favorite skirts that have been taken in several times and can not be taken in anymore, due to the pattern on them. I don’t want to part with them and have looked for the past year on ebay, hopeful to find them in a smaller size, but no luck, as they are ‘market skirts’   I also have  this pretty denim skirt that I bought at this time last year, It’s been a trusty favorite, but It became too big for me over the Spring, so I quickly went back to the store to see if they still had them, which they did,  on clearance no less. I bought two of them in smaller sizes and now I have 3 of the same skirt, and am in the smallest size that I bought. Tonight I put it on without having to unzip it! I guess I get pretty attached to my clothing. *sigh*

I also have gotten back into wearing pants(not jeans) a couple times a week. It has been a struggle in itself, so will not get into that with this post. Maybe in another though…

I’ve been going to the YMCA 4x a week and doing a one hour Zumba class that burns 1000 calories. I also do 10 laps around the track and use the weights twice a week, as well as the steam room 4x a week to detox and sweat it all off. It may sound like a lot, but it really is not compared to all the other ladies there that go 6-7 days a week..Which is very encouraging. Many of these ladies are much older then me, and here I am feeling rather old. Funny, because they take a guess and ask me if I am in my late 20’s! LOL And are taken back when I say I’m in my late 30’s! I guess I should see it as a compliment though.

So tonight I headed in for Zumba class, just as the Boot Camp work out was ending, and this lady Lisa (I don’t remember her name, so have named her Lisa!) She has been there every single time I have. She just turned 50 years old, is an empty nester of 3 kids. She home schooled them all she told me and worked for the Y for years. She is very big on Gym politics. I had no clue what this even meant until she sat me down for coffee last week!

 She told me who was who….(I am still loss though.. Info over load!) She told me how to get the most out of my membership, along with a whole other list of dos and don’ts!

So tonight when I bumped into her..(Literately!) she was getting ready to leave the Boot Camp workout and I playfully scolded her by saying…”Why aren’t you staying for Zumba tonight Missy???

 After all, she takes all the Zumba classes with me generally…*G*  Her reply was…”should I? Because the boot camp workout was the 3rd workout that I have done today!!”

I replied, “so you worked out for 3 hours today?” and she said, “Yes, so far! Gonna head to the pool now and do a few laps.” 

Same thing happen last week with another lady in her 50’s! Woh!! Talk about commitment! I love it!

I think it is about pushing yourself to do something that you think you are not capable of.

Maybe Fear? IDK–Lasy week I mentioned to my husband that I miss my old Zumba classes because they were more fun, because they were more like belly dancing..We all had these belly dancing coin belts, and it made it rather fun…Well, DH told me to just start wearing mine, and maybe it will catch on at the Y! I told him..NEVER, I didn’t want to stand out..

So, I went to class, but the whole time kept thinking about why I didn’t want to stand out. It was not like it was anything bad. I guess I was a little embarrassed? IDK..


A couple days past and I thought more about it, and decided to go for it..and YES, I stood out, but in a positive way, as I had the instructor and 4 other ladies comment to me, asking me where they can buy one too? They loved the idea of wearing one, and that it looked like fun they told me, Which it is! :o)


After class the Y manager called me over to the desk and asked me about them too.  She said that everyone that was passing the Zumba room had noticed that I was wearing one, and had asked HER if the Y was selling them…. I told her that they are at the mall for only ten dollars.  I then told her that they should go and buy a bunch and sell them for twenty-five dollars.

I mentioned this, because a couple weeks ago she asked me if I wanted to join the YMCA committee, and find people to donate to their charity of helping families in need. Not a lot she said, only a few hundred dollars each. She told me that I had the right personality for this job. Hmm, I slept on it, but the next day when I went in, I told her that I just can’t ask anyone for money, regardless of the cause. It is just not in me.


 Soooo, I came up with the idea for them to sell the belts, and if I was the Y manager I would be selling a whole lot of them, as I know they would sell, along with other things too! We will see though. I am really not sure if that is allowed or not. But they do sell T-shirts and mugs…


So that is it regarding weight loss and how I am doing it. :o)

I highly recommend joining the Y, over a gym any day. The people are different! I can say this, because I spend several years working at Gold’s Gym before I got married and know the difference. I have met some really Awesome, inspiring people this past month.

I even met a 73 year old man the other day that had a veryinspiring story that he shared with me in the hallway as I was just walking by him in passing!

 Heck, I might as well add a new blog category called, YMCA..<:o)


Until then…

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