Heels,Platforms and Boots..OH MY!!

My daughter helped me put this blog together this morning while we were looking at different types of shoes that are popular right now. I’m tall, she’s short. I wear a large size 10 shoe, while she’s convinced she’ll remain a small size 7.5  for the rest of her life. She is always looking for shoes that will give her height because she gets tired of her little sister, who is much taller then she is, teasing her on her ‘lack of height’  Sisters! :o)

Moving right along…

We had some fun looking at radical heels and different types of shoes that are on the market right now. Just for the fun of it! We like to imagine where one would wear such a shoe….





6inch height

These black non-heels are engineered to keep you balanced and tone your ankle and Calf Muscles. A must have for the lady who wants to keep in shape.  They have a 6  inch height. We really don’t know where you would wear such a shoe.  They are for the women who wants to keep her legs and ankles strong, or so they say.  To the office? Walking at the gym? We have no clue. Do you?
 And as my daughter said, one bump, and there goes both ankles! :o(


Lobster heels $14 grand 8 inch heel height.

 We are not sure why these are called Lobster, are you?  And $14 thousand dollars!! We both agree that our toes do not naturally go in this direction, so these look painful. They claim to be comfortable day wear though. They are made to order, and  many celebs are loving them with  blue jeans. They zip up the back and you’er ready to go!

 Hmm, 8 inches taller, They would make me 6’7″ WOW! And they would make my daughter my current height now!! :o)





I LOVE THESE SHOES! I would wear them if I could afford them. I have been wearing clogs since the early 80’s, when I would prance around the house in my moms trusty Dr. Scholls! When I got oder I found a pair of vintage marroon 70’s clogs at a thrift store and use to wear them to school every day. Everyone would hear me coming down all the stairs..

Clank,clank, clank! I loved that!  Of course Chanel anything sounds good to me. I have only owned one pair of Chanel choes in my life. It was a splurge ten years ago when I was doing ebay, and had a VERY good work week!  I didn’t spend anywhere near a grand on them,let alone three. I spent  $200 dollars on them, which I got back, due to the investment that high end shoes sell for, once the style stops being made….:o)

These Chanel beauties are Linen, always classic and breathable. They have the pretty modest CC logo, as shown..The detail around the tow is just brillant too! And speaking of toes, they are a closed in toe, which is very modest, or so I’m told.   I would wear them with my denim skirts. My daughter said she likes them not loves them, but would wear them with blue jeans. She is not one for clogs though…

DIOR Diamond Heels $250 grand

Both of us agreed that even though these are read diamonds, hense the price.  These heels  are just not something we would feel the need to wear, ever!  Even to a wedding…which was my first guess at where one might wear them. Yes, they are pretty, but why diamonds on your shoes?  Not much more to add about them. If you could think of a place where you would wear them, do tell!

VERSACE platform boot/heel $4grand

These sweeties are for a lady who’s really not sure whether she wants to wear high heels, OR boots!!! They are Versaces, so they are worth a million for that alone. They are a very good Investment!  The ad said they are a graphic monochrome woven-leather cutout heel boots. They don’t look it to us, but they have a  7 inch heel.  Wow!
Where would you wear them?  Our guess is to a fancy party.  :o)

Liza Bruce Stretch Boots With Hanging Beads $2500Grand

These are flats not heels, but worth mentioning. We have never heard of the brand .

 The sides of these boots are cut out, to show off your calfs, and the beads dangle and show as you walk. You would wear them with a knee length skirt, or dress. You could wear them with jeans or leggings, except then the cut-out part would not be so evident. We agreed, neither of us would wear them. The toe part is too shiny. They’re a stretch boot, which does mean they would be comfortable though.

Christian Louboutin --signature red bottoms $1 million

These pony hair heels have been sold our for months and months, hense the price tag. They They are Christian Louboutin. He is the only designer that places red soles on the bottoms of all his designs. I’m not really sure why that is so luxurious..but it is!  You may have seen these shoes on talk show hosts in the past. Oprah always use to have them on. Not this style, but the brand.  In many movies, you will also notice ladies heels when they sit down, and you see the red soles bottoms.  VERY Pretty! My daughter and I would not wear them personally, but we both agreed that we would appreciate them on someone else and both go….Ahhhh,ooohhh!! :o)

Dr. Scholls Leather walking shoe $19.99

 Lastly, we read that the most comfortable shoe on the market today is also the ugliest! (Sorry if anyone happens to own them.) They aren’t pretty though, we can all agree on that. They are very ugly, but if you’re looking for something practical, and a trusty favorite, that will get you through a long hard day on your feet..Then THESE are the shoes you would want to purchase. They come in brown, black and this nice standard grey. Real leather and breathable with non skid bottoms.
Like Crocs, Dr. Scholls makes many shoes to choose from. Some are even borderline attractive..The clogs I use to borrow from my mother looked like the ones below. Nothing I would wear today, but at the time..I thought they were great.


As far as clogs go currently, My favorites  are my Michael Kors. They are more of a Winter Shoe.  I just unpacked them last week!  They’re black suede with silver accents and a furry cuff for warmth. I bought them last Fall on EBay for $25 dollars. They were put on for a buy it now price. I don’t know what the seller was thinking  listing them for that cheap…But I was thrilled to stumble upon them. I bought them and  paid for them ASAP and the seller told me that they were only listed for about 8 minutes! :o)

They retail over $200, so I was thrilled. They are comfortable too. Always a plus!



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