Organic Love, or just obligations?


 I’m talking about LIFE!

Things happening that are simply not planned.

Maybe an unplanned move which utterly disrupts your life and changes everything that you ‘thought’ your life would be. People coming into your life, people leaving your life.

It’s a never ending cycle at times.

When I look around at life I see how things work.   And I see how some things simply do not work. When we reach a certain age we mature. Right?

It goes without saying. I hope?

We live and behave in such a way where we will know the outcome. Amen!

We don’t take chances with our lives the way we once did when we were younger. Our lives become safe. At least in our own minds they do. *G*

We live with a certain level of responsibility.

A sense of know how.



We have ideas of how things should be…. but very rarely do these ideas over take the way our life actually is. The way we had planned it to be.


There are very few circumstances in your adult life when things happen organically.


Every where we look there are things that happen.  Either by habit, or ritual….or careful planning.

THIS is your life!  This is everyones’ life!

 Yes, I know God is, and will forever be in control, yet considering free-will…..and things switching gears..Life Happens!

At church the preacher will give a message and he will get several AMENS!

He knows this!

Everyone will stand for prayer  then sit down,  then stand back up for singing.

Each week it’s basically the same theme. Give or take..

Nothing out of the ordinary.

Nothing unexpected!

You go the store, you place things in your cart, and then you cash out.

It’s that easy!

 Nothing out of the ordinary.

Nothing unexpected.

Unless of course there’s a sale, and you are hoping to get a case of something, but they are all out!

THAT is always unexpected.  In a bad way!


Now take relationships. Are they safe?

Do you know what to expect in each one of them?

I would say so!

You get into a routine of each one, therefore knowing what to expect from each.

It’s a Good thing right?

I was listening to a man talk about his wife. He had been married for twenty years, and one day when his wife woke up, she was unable to speak.

She went to the doctors, and it turned out, at age 48, she had something very much wrong. They were both told that It would be getting rapidly worst, with each passing day.

The husband went on to say how hard it was to care for her.

She use to be able to cook, clean, and take care of him!

 But within a couple months, she was unable to do anything.

 She couldn’t walk, talk, or even bathe and dress herself.

Listening to him tell the story I started to tear up.

His daughter kept asking him why he bothers to stay with mom, he shared.

That HE was still young enough to make a new life for himself.

He said that he told her that he stays, because of the commitment he made years prior.

 He stays because he took a vow, for better or worst.

 He felt it was ‘his duty’ to stay.

 In essense, he felt obligated! :o(

Where did his testimony just go?

Right down the crapper! IMHO

You see, while some folks would be getting teary eyed because of the ‘commitment’ factor. Some look at it as in…It’s all in vain!!

What happen to Love? What happen to staying because he LOVED her?

Without LOVE, there is nothing. And so without LOVE, there will never be a real commitment.

Without LOVE, there simply is no REAL commitment. It is ntohing more then an illusion.

Sure, you can be a man who is well respected by the community.

A man who is looked up to because of his commitment.

But where your heart is…that is what matters!!

If you have LOVE, you will have that commitment.

If all you have is commitment, and not any LOVE…Where is your heart?

Something to think about….