Fridays Thoughts

Woke up to another easy day. DH took the kids to work with him. Well, two out of five that is. He had to work till noon today, and days where he leaves early, he likes to bring the kids to work. I stayed home and did Easter crafts with the three youngest. It was a lot of fun.

Dh and I went to go see Titanic today. The 3pm show, which was not a matinee because we wanted to see it in IMAX 3-D. For those who don’t know..IMAX is extra loud. The screen is nearly twice the size, and the special glasses are much better then the standard 3-d ones that you generally get for a plain 3-D movie. The movie was 3.15minutes long.

The last time we saw it was the year it came out, and that was in a drive-in. Granted we went to see it 4x! But I had forgotten what an epic love story it was. No one actually goes and sees it for the semi-documentary side. At least I don’t think so. *grin*

The only thing that could have made it better was if the old lady jumped at the end. That is what Dh said. I still don’t see why she had to throw the necklace over board. THAT should have been sold and the funds left to the grand daughter IMO. But…..

Another funny thing is, I’ve never actually ever heard of the Titanic. That is, until it came to the movie came out. lol

After the movies we went out for a coffee, and then home to pick up the kids for church. They were having a flashlight egg hunt.

I was telling one of my friends about it and she told me that it is with flashlight because the Jewish tradition the mom and dad use hide ten pieces of yeast bread outside (representing sin) and the kids would look for them in the dark with their  flashlights.  

When they found them, they wouldn’t touch them… Instead, they would scoop them up with a wooden spoon and feather, and put them in a paper sack to burn.  

I thought that was interesting. I honestly did not know. Did you?

We then got home and I got everyone in bed..including Dh..So now I have quiet time to relax.

Tomorrow is going to come early…. My daughter has only one more Round Robin before her TN. trip..Then she will be off to state nationals in Florida. I’m so proud of how hard she has been studying, without me even mentioning the need. This has become very important to her..She also has only two small groups left before her rally. She  is hoping to be crowned Queen this time. She was crowned Princess last time. ❤

Guess that is it for today….

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