Monday's Meanderings

~My weekend was very interesting. I had a couple unexpected phone calls, stressed a bit..and now things are back to normal. As normal as normal can get, I guess.

~One of the cats caught a Blue-Jay and my daughter tried very hard to save it. After an hour though, it died.  It had a small bite on one if its wing. Looked fine otherwise, but it couldn’t stand up or walk, and couldn’t stop shaking.


~I went to bed early last night. 10pm DH was happy and assumed, by me going to bed early, I would wake up this morning with bells on,  ready to hop into a well lit room,  have conversation, etc. at the crack  of dawn.

I did-  but man, Oh man!  am I grouchy right now.

Here it is, before noon, and I’ve already been up for 6 hours. Don’t like that!

I have Zumba class for the next 4 nights in a row and was really hoping to have more energy then I do right now.

I simply do not understand morning people.

 I mean, unless you have a mass amount of work to do, why wake up early? And even then…

If I’m up at 5-6am..I have every single thing that I can possibly do here, done by noon.

Then I spend the rest of the day looking at the clock…and being cranky?

 So, No! I’m fine being like the women at the well….

Some day I will be appreciated for that. See? I’m hopeful. :o)

~I sit here finishing up the last bit of coffee from the pot…as the kids are deep into their last week of lessons..

~I don’t have to cook today and have leftovers galore. I’m happy about this.

~I was watching HSN a bit ago and now I find myself still thinking about the Deluxe spin mop! But $40 dollars for a mop and bucket? Not gonna happen. I will wait for the uncanny model that will eventually come to Wal-mart for only $20. And even that, is pricey for a mop. I wish there was way to try before you buy.

~My 6yr old starts kids Zumba this Friday and is very excited. My 5yr old may sit in to see if it is something she may want to do.  My son is not sure. It is for boys and girls ages 4-10. I know the instructor well, as she is my Zumba instructor too. She just got certified to teach Zumba-Atomic now. Which is for kids! :o)

~That is it for today….


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