Are relationships like Vines…


A tall oak tree reaches to the sky..

Many vines start growing around its trunk…

Slowing  choking it, while others shrivel up and die down.

Mr. Oak looks down and shrugs, still aiming for the sky.

More vines, stronger then the first ones, are tightening around the bottom of his trunk. Intertwining with one another to gain more strength..


Persistent vines keep trying to wrap around powerful Mr. Oak, yet continuously fall back to the ground.

Only the strong survive and reach the top.


Why are they so persistent?

What do they want?

Mr. Oak continues to shrug, aiming for the sky, until one day…..

A huge tree service parks its truck, and cuts it all down!

Down it falls…

To the ground… as all the intertwining vines shrivel up and die..

….like a bunch of angry snakes.



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