Evolving OR dissolving?

Relationships–what is it that keeps people connected on a regular basis?

 We are all taught that relationships take time, and you can not expect to be in someones life 24/7.  And that is perfectly fine….but what can, and what should one expect? If anything, that is.

I have a new mind frame when it comes to relationships recently.

It may actually surprise you, as I do not know anyone that is on the same page with me, and that’s OK!

You see, I believe that people out grow each other. In all areas. That not all relationships are meant to last forever. I believe that people place to much emphasis on friendships, hence, lacking the knowledge that people evolve, and become…Well, different..

People change, and while you may click with one person for weeks on end, you may suddenly wake up one morning realizing, that there should be a period at the end of the relationship. And it’s nothing  neither of you did…it is what it is, and that is perfectly fine….

However,  most people are under the mind frame that things need to last forever, and if they don’t, then you must not be trying hard enough! And perhaps in certain occasions, this may be right on…

However, I believe things  need to go with the flow more…. more-so, on the organic nature.

We all have wants, needs, and desires..and I am not talking about marriage per-say, just to clarify. I’m talking more-so about relationships.

Using myself for an example..I can count up to about 30 friends that I have currently. DO I talk to them all the time? NO WAY! That would put me over the edge! I probably talk to about a dozen people regularly, and even that is time consuming!  I would much rather have a couple of good friends then dozens upon dozens. But like I’ve been told many times in the past, I attract all walks of life. And no, I’m not complaining.

Currently, I  have someone who I do click with, however at times, it feels like more of an illusion….One never truly knows! This is what I am getting at. It is OK not to know. Life is happening all around us, and we ought to train ourselves to not place so much emphasis on our thoughts, because we do become what we think about the most.  It is best to be carefree..carefree can be very soothing regarding relationships.

Let’s face it! Life is time consuming, and I think once we take off the coat of many friendships..and just let things lay as they may, things will happen in a more organic manner.

We should have the freedom and liberation to accept people at face value. Not expecting anything in return….Just L.O.V.E people!!!

Even if we end up getting hurt or feeling left out at times. There is no need for hissy fits all the time in the adult world of friendships!

 And the old saying, we get what we give? That’s a LIE!  And the sooner we all realize that, the better we will all be.

When we learn to take the focus off ourselves and realize that there’s a much bigger picture to our life cast of friendships

Only then can we fully maximize and nurture the ones that we hold extra dear to us…


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