I have been having some very vivid spiritual dreams these past few months, which has totally transformed the way I have always viewed dreams.

That said, I had a dream a month ago that really frightened me. It made me question in the back of my head a certain friendship that I have…so I started praying about it. Long gone are the days of casual school-day friendships where we could just take things as they may. People are manipulating and have their own agenda. And THAT sucks! :o(


Fast Forward to the other afternoon when I took a nap and had a dream about something completely different. Not connecting the two. This dream was about cats and fleas. Weird, I know! 

I then had someone share with me that fleas and cats generally represent someone who is an enemy in disguise. Someone sneaky and controlling….

This instantly brought back to mind the dream I had last month! But now what?

Isn’t this just like if we were to know the time and date of our death? What now? Do I cut off the friendship in question, or just wait to get burned.


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