50's and 60's theme PARTY!

Today dh’s company announced the theme for this years company party. It will be the 1950’s/60’s theme!! I was hoping for the 70’s or 80’s theme..Aw well!! This will be the third one we have attended. The year before last was 1920’s, and then last year was Country/Western theme.


I did some browsing tonight and came up with a few pictures to inspire me. The party is not till March 23rd, so I have plenty of time.


My first thought was of the movie Grease!! When I hear 50’s…I think of the movie Grease. I also think of the book, The Outsiders.

When I hear 60’s, I think Woodstock and Hippies!! Which sounds very fun to dress up as, as I could just shop in my closet..:o)~


I’m not sure what I want to go with..50’s, or 60’s? I think I could pull off 60’s better then 50’s…

Bettie Page, Marlyn Monroe, Sandra-Dee, June Cleaver, Audrey Hepburn …

Pin-Up Girls,Rockabilly,Mod Retro,Housewife June….All ladies I think of, when I envision the  1950’s..along with poodle skirts, of course.

That said,  I could find a form fitting pencil dress, or a nice Sheath dress,  curl my hair, and get some big glasses and be a prim and proper secretary. My mind also goes to TV shows, such as, I love Lucy, and Sonny & Cher!!!


OR, I can just think Woodstock..and be a Hippie!! Which is probably what I will end up doing, as I want to comfortable…..

Here are some pictures that I came across tonight…Anyone have any thoughts worth sharing?
plus-50s-sweetheart-costume-zoom bs2175073-0

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